Industry Interview: Boroughs Publishing Group by Cassiel Knight

My goodness, I’m getting some great publisher interviews on SJP! So exciting! I love being plugged in and finding these great publishers! :-D This week, I’m excited to bring SJP readers an interview of a new kid on the block with veteran industry talent, Boroughs Publishing.

Recently, Chris Keeslar, formerly of Dorchester, was hired as Editor-in-Chief. You all know Chris? You don’t? Were you born under a rock? Sorry, just kidding. Chris has been a mainstay in the romance industry for a long time. I’ve never met him but I’ve certainly heard of him. He’s been hugely supportive of the romance community and could frequently be found at conferences and judging contests. I was sad to hear about Dorchester; however, I’m thrilled he’s back in the industry. Go over to Boroughs blog and say hi!

On to the interview!

What made you decide to become a publisher/form a publishing company?

To provide Romance readers with quality stories where the author’s imagination is not limited or boxed in by traditional constructs. 

Could you please tell us specifically what types of books Boroughs Publishing Group publishes?

We publish all sub-genres of Romance Fiction, including YA.

If you could get your hands on more stories in a certain genre – or with certain characters – what would it be?

We don’t have a genre/sub-genre pre-disposition. We’re interested in riveting stories with high emotional satisfaction quotients. We are particularly keen on multi-book series.

What are you absolutely not looking for?

Books that proselytize.

Will you be doing both e-books and print books? Where can you find Boroughs Publishing Group books?

We are an E-Publishing house –

Most new writers have visions of agents and New York publishing houses dancing in their heads. Can you tell us some of the advantages of signing with a digital/small press publisher over a New York publisher?

We don’t believe in an ‘us’ and ‘them’ comparison, rather it’s a question of which flavor of ice cream one prefers. We are a full service publishing house, providing our authors with exceptional editing – everyone can meet our Editor-in-Chief, Chris Keeslar, by viewing the March Blog on our website – quality book covers along with distinctive marketing and promotion. Of course we’re looking for great breakout authors that will sell 300,000 copies of their debut novels, but we’re realists in that we are willing to nurture our authors into becoming that 300,000-book seller. 

What do you look for in a prospective writer?

Someone that creates a well-crafted story that has layers, rich characterizations, an interesting plot and sub-plot(s), conflict, emotional punch and an ending (HEA) that makes sense. A word of caution – if an author produces all the above and the manuscript is a mess, we won’t be able to see the brilliance. We encourage everyone to submit clean manuscripts.

After you receive a query/synopsis – approximately how long does it take you to reply to the author?

On average, 8-12 weeks.

Most authors seem to feel it’s the publisher’s responsibility to do the marketing – that all an author should do is write. In your opinion, how important is marketing and what’s the writer’s responsibility in this area?

Interestingly, one of the questions you’ll find in our on-line query/submission tool asks authors about their experience with social media. It is essential that authors take ownership of some of the promotion of their works. True story – one prominent blog told our publicist that they wouldn’t host an author that didn’t have a website. Fair? Probably not, but this serves as an excellent indicator of the expectation out there for all authors.

Across the Internet, the most common expressed concern is the perceived lack of quality control in eBooks. Would you like to comment on where Boroughs Publishing Group is with respect to performance in this area?

Our Editor-in-Chief is an industry veteran with high standards. Producing quality work for our readership is paramount.

As a publisher, what is the best advice you can offer a writer on how to be successful in the business?

Diligence. Know your market, including the genre and sub-genre for which you intend to write. This doesn’t mean you are writing the same book as everyone else, but that you understand what your intended readership wants and likes. Adhere to the rules of grammar and remember when submitting, neatness counts. Diligence. Thick skin. And, diligence.

Please tell us in one sentence – why we should read Boroughs Publishing Group books/authors.

We have great stories that entertain and pull at your heartstrings.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Thank you for the opportunity to spend time with your readers and that we are accepting submissions in all sub-genres of Romance Fiction.

Happy Reading!


With Chris Keeslar at the helm and that lovely, user (reader)-friendly website (have I mentioned how nice it is?), I’d say Boroughs Publishing is off to an amazing start, and I wish them much success! I know I’ll be watching. :-D

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  1. I’ve just been signed by Boroughs for a 3 book deal and am very priviliged to have Jill Limber as my editor. I look forward to working with her and Chris. Let the hard work begin!

  2. I have just signed on with Boroughs and can’t wait to be working with Chris! And I look forward to being in the same group that Jill Limber is now a part of.

    Regan (

  3. We are so glad to have you at SJP! Wonderful info.

  4. Thank you, Kerri. We appreciate the well-wishes and we know how fortunate we are to have Chris at our Editorial helm.

  5. I worked with Chris briefly at Dorchester and he’s top notch. Best of luck to Boroughs and Chris. I wish you both the highest success!

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