Emojis, the Soul and Genetic Memory

Emojis are like the soul – our essence without context reduced to pure impression.

Wahula Gonzo

I think we each have a soul. When we die, our brain, our memory, all that is gone. What’s left is an energy that has been influenced by our living experiences, but doesn’t remember any of it. The soul is like a compendium of emojis evoking emotions that are now lost, yet there is a retained glow, an echo, an effect of their existence.

Pretty heavy.

Emojis are also fun. My tween nieces just got their own cell phone to share. I’m their favorite text-buddy.

Which brings us to emojis. The older niece is very literal and loves to write exactly what she wants to communicate, though she will sign off with a few special emojis. The younger is a free spirit still running on magic fairy dust and would prefer to communicate with the world exclusively through emojis. Which made me ask, “What is an emoji?” Not just a smiley face. Deeper. Way deep. Like, are emojis in our genetic memory deep?

If man has been around for centuries, what about emojis?

I know there was one back in 1969.

Rolling Stone Tongue

If you don’t know this from the Rolling Stones, designed by John Pasche, we’ll have to go back further. How about the Mayans? This is Ajaw, maybe a sun god from thousands of years ago. I think the sun god is a happy guy. I’d sign off a text with him.

ajaw (2).jpg

And what about the Egyptians? Hieroglyphics are like writing with all emojis.


And let’s not forget Asia.


Yin and yang. The balance of the universe. If you tip it on its side it’s almost a smiley face.


So what does this all mean? I don’t have a clue. I can only guess that when we all join that universal flow of energy in the afterlife, maybe our genetic emoji memory will kick in. Hopefully, we’ll all be as comfortable communicating with them as my nieces.


Compassion is a Bitch

0fd5dd1e246d6c7e6cca2ce7b2859c72-wildlife-paintings-bird-paintingsBlack Bear came to a meeting late and said, “I’m feeling frazzled after dealing with my cubs. What if I don’t feel compassionate?”

Raven said, “Fake it.”

That doesn’t seem honest,” said Black Bear.

It doesn’t begin with honesty,” said Raven.

~Zen Master Raven Stories by Robert Aitken Roshi

Here we are, a new year, yet again. Most of us are in familiar resolution territory: fitness, nutrition, save money, and write that book. I’ve given a lot of thought to Raven’s advice above. Fake it. For much of the past year I’ve struggled with compassion — especially relating to one person in my life.

In pursuit of compassion I’ve seen a counselor, an acupuncturist, and a yogi on a regular basis. They all help, to some extent — the balance of yoga building physical and spiritual muscles. Yet it wasn’t until October 2nd in Ann Arbor, Michigan when a stop for gas turned into one of those before and after moments. A man committed suicide, jumping off a roof of a parking garage. His lifeless body less than 100 feet from the gas pump.

I realized then my compassion was still present. Just buried under many many… MANY… layers of anger.

So here I am on the cusp of a new year. Much of the same old same old. I resolve to be healthy, slim, solvent and prolific. Less angry. More compassionate, too. Eventually. For me, compassion is still a bitch, contended with on a daily basis. My greatest challenge.

In the meantime, maybe we can all benefit from Raven’s advice and fake what we really really want until it becomes our truth.

Happy Holidays from See Jane Publish

For those who participate in the December holidays, See Jane Publish wishes you all the joy and happiness of the season. For those who don’t, we hope you enjoy the end of one year and the promises of fresh new year.


P.S. Monster Girl and Grumpy Old Man also wish happiness to whose who bring them greenies and morning walks.

Halloween Candy for Adults: the Best Author Swag from the Historical Romance Retreat

Attendees at the recent Historical Romance Retreat felt like they stepped back in time, thanks to efforts by amazing Historical Romance Authors. They brought their A Game with their attention to detail and creativity. Here are some of my favorite items to inspire other authors to do more than just bookmarks to attract readers.


Historical Romance Retreat hostesses, Delilah Marvelle and Renee Bernard at the Grand Ball.

Delilah and Renee were the hosts and they set the tone with amazing swag throughout the entire event but their best items were distributed at the Low Tea. Delilah gifted everyone with antique green brooches while Renee created Victorian stretches and turned them into a coloring book. They were unique gifts that perfectly reflected their author branding.

Elizabeth Essex and Erica Monroe gave a presentation called “Revisiting the Lost Art of the Billet-Doux” where attendees got the opportunity to write with a quill and ink. Now every time I see Elizabeth’s matchbox, it will bring back happy memories from my first experience with a quill.

Fans dream of being able to share a moment with one of their favorite authors. I couldn’t believe that it happened to me at HRR with the amazing Jade Lee. She is a triple winner: her books are great, her personality sparkles and I will never toss away her swag item, the Jade necklace.


Eloisa James and Julia Quinn were the rock stars at this event and they treated their fans to awesome swag.

Victoria Vane is just as talented as a dressmaker as she is an author. Many attendees had an original Victoria Vane outfit and many others are saving their pennies to get one of her outfits. She was able to market both of her careers with her hair pins.

Even the male attendees received their own special bag of goodies. I especially loved the boxing note card and aspirin to promote Tim Ruzicki’s Pugilism course.

I loved it all. Everything was different and highlighted each author’s brand. Virginia Heath came from England and brought us some jam. Gina Danna has a history degree and provided everyone with the unique item of a sewing wax. I’m keeping it all.

What was the result of all this great swag and positive interactions with Historical Romance authors? I bought as many books as my luggage could carry back home!




Riley Reveals Our Origins Story


Today is my mother’s 40th birthday so I have decided to share our origins story. In March 2009, I was forced to adopt Jessie Smith as my mother. We have different accounts of how it all went down…




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