One Jane’s Light Bulb Moment

We’re getting a slow start here, but not to worry. Last week, two Janes went to Romance Writers of America’s National Conference in New York City, so we’re a little sidetracked.

I love New York. And the buzz was all about self-publishing. While I was there, I had my own light bulb moment. One of those spontaneous moments of perfect understanding.

You can guess how delighted I was to discover, I’m no longer one of those kinetic writers rushing hither and yon, chasing after the perfect publisher. Believe me, I’ve been there, but that’s no longer my modus operandi. I’m free! A clear vision rides my shoulders of where, in the coming warm, lovely, summer months, I’m heading with my writing. What a relief! Self-publishing is offering a great opportunity…direct access to readers.

Remember, I’m the ‘cheerleader’, so yeah! Way to go! Print, plus self-publishing, is the model for me. As writers, that’s what going to conference does for you. It sheds light on where you’re going and which trains you need to get on to get there. As readers, you get more stories to read.

You can find

Jane’s Long March Home on Amazon. Up next, target date, mid-July, is A LONDON AFFAIR. You’ll love the cover.

One last thing. Until we add the What Are We Reading? column, I’m reading Jim Butcher’s, FOOL MOON. I’m really enjoying his style. Top marks for a story well told. What’s in your stack for summer reading?




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  1. Thanks Darla for stopping by. And be sure to let us know when your story is published. We’ll want to celebrate with you 😀


  2. Wonderful discussion you’ve started, Susan! I am also (slowly!) going down the path of self-pubbing. If you’d talked about this even 6 months ago, I would have been one of “those” people cautioning against it, but the numbers don’t lie. It’s all about putting out a great product, then getting the word out there.

    I just finished a great YA book by Alyson Noel called Evermore (Immortals Series #1). Very good book, engaging, well written. I’ll be reading more by this author 🙂 (Yes, I like smiley faces also :-D).


  3. Terri, thanks for joining us. Yes, it’s very interesting where we’re going. We will each of us make our own model from here on out, I think.


  4. Greeting Jane’s. 😀 I like happy faces too.

    I’ve also considered the benefit of changing trains. I’ve gotten really excited about presenting my stories within the new technologies that have rolled out these past two years. Thanks for creating this space for us all to benefit instead of us all hitting our heads against the wall…

    As I typed those words I remembered the story about how RWA was created, as a way to give authors insight, support, and united power while on the old publishing train…


  5. Obviously, I like happy faces…


    • Hi Susan,

      No, I haven’t written any YA stories. Someone else suggested that I write YA but I hardly read it and don’t really know the genre. Instead, I’m focusing on my paranormal contemporary romance which is about witches–which is why my thoughts went towards Harry Potter when you mentioned a train. The Hogwarts Express is forever etched in my memory.

      “A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES” was recommended by the Avon editor at the Spring Intensive. It’s got great reviews. It also has a romance but it’s shelved as mainstream fiction.


  6. Welcome everyone 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by and joining in on the discussion. Got my writing time in today, so now I can play 😀

    Cathryn, I kind of feel like self pubbing is publication that happens, or not, when the time is ripe for the author. You’re ‘ripeness’ will come at the best time for you. In the meantime, we are happy to pave the road, and hopefully leave breadcrumbs others can follow 🙂 Scott Nicholson’s book sounds intriguing. Good luck on your WIP!

    Maggie! We are walking the same road. I’d be very interested in comparing experiences as we go along 🙂

    Sarah! How nice to ‘see’ you. Please do come back. VOWED IN SHADOWS is such a great book. Jessa Slade did good 🙂 She’s one of my have-to-read authors 😀

    Hi Vonnie 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE riding the Hogwarts train. You sound like you could be a YA author. Have you written any stories geared to that market? I haven’t read A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES, but it sounds interesting.

    Off to reward myself for getting some writing done today 😀 Actually it was polishing, but in my world, that counts.


  7. After hearing all the buzz about the self-publishing route, I’m no longer sure which train to board. Maybe one destined for Hogwarts where I can take a vacation from the industry and immerse myself into magical realism. However, I do know that I want to protect my ebook rights. Now more than anything, that is the crucial issue for writers desiring to make a profit.

    Right now, I’m about to read a big tome titled “A Discovery of Witches” by Deobrah Harkness. Have any of you read it?


  8. Sarah McDermed

    Great idea for a blog! I’ll be checking back often.

    I’m reading Vowed in Shadows by Jessa Slade.


  9. Maggie, and 3 Janes,

    If you haven’t read ‘The Indie Journey; secrets to writing success’ by Scott Nicholson, et al, I recommend it. He and his friends have some fascinating insights on their adventures in traditional and self-pub.

    I downloaded it onto my new Kindle, and plan to take it on vacation to re-read. Also taking my WIP on my baby Acer to edit. Fun times.



  10. As I said earlier, I think writers are in a great spot right now–one where they can choose many options. I am doing all three myself: 1) small press publishing, 2) self publishing, and 3) pursuing a NY deal. I’m also keeping very careful books and stats as I go through this journey. I want to know which way is the best way for me in the long term. Right now I have lots of questions around the trade-offs between rights, royalties, my time, and assistance from others. No answers yet. I’m trying to keep an open mind.


  11. Susan,

    Don’t you love those light blulb moments? I appreciate you and the others who are ahead of me on the path, and willing to share. i plan to join you one of these days.

    Just got my day job back for another year, so I will only have time to keep sending books to my publisher. Love them, but want to self-pub some stories as well.



  12. Paty! So glad to see you here 🙂 It’s turning into a very interesting journey that’s for sure. Tell us what you’ve got going next.


  13. Looking forward to following this blog. I’ve had the same conclusion. I’m tired of chasing the NY rainbow. I like what is happening so far with my self publishing.


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