Jane’s Journey – Part 2 by Susan Lute

—continued from last week—

What made this all gel for me was watching the movie Battle: Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a fabulous movie. The theme of Battle is:  you don’t quit. If the going gets tough, grit your teeth and kick it into high gear. <snort> Where have we heard that before?

So, Susan, the author (don’t you wish I’d stop talking about myself in the third person? I will, I promise)—Susan, who’s never done anything peacefully, didn’t take that ride into the misty sunset. Instead, a new opportunity came along, so Jane was dusted off one last time, and they both found a home with an unlikely newcomer—self-publication.

That’s Jane’s journey, and how we got here, talking about being who you really are (whatever that means to each of us), dragon books, and finding a publishing model that fits you, the writer, and believe it or not, you, the reader.

So far—I hope—what you’ve been hearing Kim, Nancy and I say, is that each writer will have to decide how they will publish their work. Clarity comes like a tornado—brutally changing winds surrounding a calm eye amidst the storm. That’s my rah-rah speech for this week. Be calm. Find clarity. Don’t quit. In the process, we’ll find who we really are as authors.

For those who write, pretend you are sitting at a sidewalk cafe table, with clarity as your companion, sipping a favorite coffee drink, or tea, and tell us what your publishing model looks like. We’d love to know, so we can cheer you on.

Readers, we want to hear from you, too. What are you reading and how? Do you prefer a hold-in-your-hand book? An ereader? Perhaps both? What is your favorite novel? Do you think you can see the author in the storytelling?

As of now, I’m taking a couple of weeks off from the writing to catch up on life. When I come back to it, I want my plate to be clean for the next project I have in mind. It’s the next step in my journey.

In the meantime, ciao! And happy writing—and reading.


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Vonnie, I have to say, I agree. I love holding a book, and it can go anywhere with you. Some books, however, aren’t available in print form. I’m reading Cassiel Knight’s (Kim’s) novel, KEY OF SOLOMON on my baby Dell – it’s the only format available right now – and it’s sooo interesting. I’m loving the story, and would miss it if I’d never read it. So I’m giving the new technology a go, both as a writer and reader.

    My sister ordered me a book for my birthday, A DICTIONARY OF ANGELS. Had only a brief look at it last weened. Can’t wait to get my copy. That’s a monster book 😀


  2. I guess I’m more of a traditional reader. I prefer books to other forms. It’s the scholar in me. Blame it on all the academic training I’ve had. I love the smell of books. I love to hold a book and mark it up with post it notes and highlighters. I like looking at its physical presence. It emanates an aura–a life of its own. Most importantly, I like thumbing through I with my hands. It’s a tactile thing….Right now, I’m reading A Discovery of Witches. Because I have so little time, it’s taking me forever to read it even though it’s a big, monster of a book.


  3. That’s wonderful, Linda. You’ll have to share as she shares with you 🙂 Are you working on anything interesting right now? Reading something good???


  4. Clarity doesn’t have an answer for me yet – she’s far too interested in the pastries right now- but I can tell by the gleam in her eyes that she’s got some good ideas for me!


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