The Journey by Susan Lute

The Mr. and I are watching the series Heroes on DVD. They made four seasons. We’ve just finished season three. This series is all about which path to follow, and in the choosing does the character become the villain or the hero? The show’s writers’ position is that it’s not always clear. Sometimes the characters can change what they’ve chosen to be. One that was a hero becomes the villain. The villain becomes the hero.

I LOVE this series. In my journey, I want to be the hero, not the villain, but I suspect sometimes… I’m neither, or both.

Nobody knows what the publishing industry will look like three, five, or ten years from now. What we do know is that there will still be books. Print and electronic. Does it matter which one comes out on top? Not really. I wish I had a crystal ball, but what I suspect is the playing field will level out at 50/50. You, the reader, will be the final driving force.

So for myself, as this ‘Jane’ looks down the road of her own journey, trying to decide villain or hero(ine), my first Fast Draft session starts today. In preparation, I cleaned the office (that took three days!), got rid of stacks of old papers, did half the laundry (will do more tonight), bought groceries, started to write this blog (but then forgot it was due tomorrow), and went to the day job. My project is Jane, The Prequel, a short story about Jane’s life (the character, not me, the author <g>) just before she finds a family in the Marine Corps.

I haven’t written twenty pages, of course, but in an effort to get back to it, here’s the first paragraph. Remember, I’m not supposed to edit until it’s all done.

Jane Donovan glanced uneasily over her shoulder. The night closed in on her, a lone streetlight shining dully from the street at the entrance to the ally that ran darkly between the backside of Mike’s, a seedy nightclub frequented by the mostly less affluent of Baton Rouge, and the blacked-out windows of an empty warehouse. Except for the owner of this beast. He…or she had some cash to throw away on things like the classic Mustang.

All right, yes I did edit a little. Couldn’t stop myself.

Do I hear faint chanting? Go! Go! Go!

Off to write more-


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Thanks, Maggie! Mixing and matching writing and working the day job is challenging my fast draft, but I know you go through the same challenges. Three pages so far. My goal? 50 in 14 days; much less than the 20 per day of a true fast draft, but it will work for me 🙂


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