Don’t Mess With….. by Nancy Brophy

Shortly before Bill Clinton was elected President, I used to sport a bumper sticker on my car that read, “Don’t vote, it only encourages them.” In those heady days, I believed it didn’t really matter who was elected because nothing of consequence ever got done, anyway.

However, President George Bush changed that perspective. He accomplished a lot of things during his eight years, most of which I opposed.

I hate politics. I hate Democrats and Republicans. I hate that bipartisan means absolutely nothing in Washington. Everybody is so busy getting re-elected and issuing vicious sound bites about the opposition, creating a land of adversity. Nobody cares about the country.

Except us – the people stuck out here in middle earth wondering when the country shifted from a proud world leader to crazy nacho mama.

What amazes me the most is that the government isn’t trying to solve the problems. Could they all have AD/HD? Any distraction and they veer off on a tangent?

For example, right after the 9/11 bombings, the Attorney General of the United States announced he planned to devote his resources to reversing the Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.  Really? We’ve been attacked, and your first thought is that a state that passed a law with not one election, but two, is where you want to concentrate your energy?

Yesterday, the State of Texas Department of Transportation filed a lawsuit against publisher Hachette Book Group, Barnes & Noble and author Christie Craig over the use of Texas’ trademarked motto. “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

“The book,” TxDOT’s suit says, “contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts, states of sexual arousal, etc.” Selling it at Barnes & Noble, which sells many TxDOT materials with the slogan, would cause irreparable harm, the agency believes.

Naturally, the media who reported the story, couldn’t wait to latch onto the word – PORN – and cite passages from Amazon’s look-inside feature.

Do they really think someone would pick up the book, look at the cover, and think, “Oh, the TxDOT must have issued this, right after the driver’s education manual and It’s A Bird … It’s A Plane … It’s A Drunk Driver! video?


The government keeps passing legislation penalizing frivolous lawsuits. Apparently, they only pass the laws – they don’t obey them. The only thing I hope is that writer, Christie Craig, makes a fortune selling her book. If not this one, then the next.


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  1. For anyone following this, looks like the restraining order was denied by the court, but the lawsuit, so far, was not. TxDOT is still planning to pursue. Seems like taxpayers money could be put to much better use.


  2. Yes! Sarah and I arrived last night at the crack of midnight…here through next Wed. The 1st thing Sarah said when we arrived is that she wants to see you. I’ve already leased a house for me and Sarah…here to see it (!) and sign the lease later this afternoon. Will move in Oct. 1. We’ll call you tomorrow.


  3. Melissa – are you in town? Rachel said you were thinking of moving here? But I thought you were coming after labor day. Let’s get together.

    Darla – thanks for your words of praise.


  4. Bravo, Nancy! As usual, well said and true. So true.


  5. Loving your writing here, Nancy.

    I’m not a big fan of romance novels–but I have always been a big fan of the way your mind works. So this format allows me to enjoy your great writing and mindset. Keep it coming!

    Melissa. Yes, that Melissa.


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