What Works For One… by Nancy Brophy

One of the things I love best about this business is that no matter what someone relates about their experience, another person will cite exactly the opposite. This week I read an excellent guest blog at Julie’s Journal. I am a fan of Julie Ortolon, have read her Pearl Island trilogy and totally enjoyed it.

Her guest blogger was Julianne Maclean who writes historical romance. She decided to self-publish a quirky time travel and wanted to distinguish it from her other books, so she chose a fun contemporary cover. So far so good…

Lo, and behold, her established readers backed away.

I truly admire a woman who can think on her feet. Julianne did not say, “What’s done is done.” No, she sprang into action, redid the cover, republished the book, reduced the price for a limited amount of time and sold some books.

So what is the opposite experience? I put up my fourth book on Amazon, B&N and Smashwords last week and used a cartoon cover. All of my books are written with a light hand and have a few lines of amusing dialogue. But with romantic suspense, it is hard to kill people off and have the reader rolling in the aisles.

The Wrong Brother, however, has a heroine whose insecurities result in funny scenes of unintended behavior.  And as soon as it went up, people who had no clue who I was downloaded it. Because the cover looked like fun.

When your books start to sell without you standing on a table and beating a loud drum, your first thought is, “Good golly, Miss Molly. I might be a real writer.”

At least, I hope so.


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  1. That happens even between the Janes. BTW, I love your new cover 🙂


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