Five Things I’ve Learned in the Last Nine Months by Susan Lute

Nine months ago, though it was the talk of the town, I only had a glimmering thought about how the publishing industry was changing. The only ones more clueless than me were, perhaps, the industry itself.

The first thing I learned is there are now three models of publishing, and the new kid on the block is a tough cookie.  If we thought breaking into print was hard, indie publishing, while exciting and certainly opening doors that have eluded many very talented authors, is in many ways harder. Not only do you write the story, but you become your own editor, cover artist, and publisher. Now it’s true you can hire this work done (just as you do in print publishing), but most writers operate on a shoestring. It’s all in the choices we make.

Two. Marketing is more than just ‘being’ on the web. It’s Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, oh my! It’s time consuming, and if you’re not used to flaying yourself open and exposing your vulnerable innards, it’s overwhelming. On top of that, what works for one author doesn’t work for another. There’s no bible to go by, no yellow brick road to carry you home. You invent your media hype as you go along.

Three. As hard as this new model is, I haven’t changed my mind about writing. I love ‘being’ a writer more than any other job I’ve had. And now I love doing covers too.

Four. No matter how much you’re on the web, a great story will still sell a book. The perfect cover will still draw an impatient reader’s eye. All the rest of the rules are ever changing.

Five. This industry is not going to do an about face, and go back to the beast it was. Ever.

Signing off for now,

Susan – author, cover artist, publisher and marketing department. For the storyteller, there is no rest 🙂

PS. Don’t forget to stop by on Tuesday and chat with our guest blogger, Marie Force, Author of the very successful Fatal Series and Gansett Island Series.


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