What Can A Romance Writer Tell You About Life? by Nancy Brophy

No one offers a course in really important life lessons. They’ll remind you about rules from kindergarten. How important it is to play nice with others or not run with scissors. They’ll teach you how to meditate to reduce stress, which you’ll need from the burden of always playing nice with others. But once the sh*t hits the proverbial fan, you’re on your own. While you may think a romance writer lives a life of perpetual joy, we do occasionally have moments that aren’t bliss-filled.

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned.

Life Lesson One: When to Lie

If a man in a dark suit comes to your office and says: “Are you (fill in your name)?

Your response should be, “Absolutely not. I’m here to meet with her for an appointment but she’s stood me up. Good luck waiting for her.” And then leave as quickly as possible.

Because telling the truth will inevitably get you another sentence you will hate.

“I’m from the IRS.” Or “You’ve been served.”

Life Lesson Two: When to Dial 911

If you arrive home to find your house filled with dark smoke, do not stop. Drive to Starbucks and drink a long cup of coffee or get a pedicure. Any time-killer you can think of because a smoke-damage fire is worse than losing everything. (Trust me.)

Life Lesson Three: Work is Work

Do not drink with your fellow co-workers. Do not use the Christmas party as a time to unwind. Do not assume just because you hate your boss, that everyone else feels the same way. And I shouldn’t even have to say this one, but if you are out on the town with co-workers, do not use this opportunity to score with a hooker or make a drug connection. Believe it or not, I have seen people fired for all of the above.

And if you do any of the above and get away with it, do not post it on your Facebook page. See Lesson Four.

Life Lesson Four: Living Large on Your Social Network

My mother used to say, “Never put anything in writing you will have to defend in court.” This is a rule society has gotten away from and it needs to be brought back home. I am shocked at what people put in writing. Not just on YouTube or Facebook, but in emails. Once that missive has left your computer, the world will have the opportunity to read it. Consider your thoughts carefully.

Life Lesson Five: Treasure the Real Things

It is easy in this day and age to put your marriage/family on a back-burner. Kids, work, dinner and house payments conspire to suck the life out of your day. You’re tired and cross. No, you don’t want sex. You don’t even want to cuddle. All you want is a few minutes alone. Is that too much to ask?

If you knew you would die in two days, what changes would you make? And isn’t that the true lesson a romance writer teaches us? Make time to tell your family how much they mean to you. Make time to find sweeter words and a kinder voice. Make time to really learn how to play nice with others.

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  1. Nancy, you are so full of wit and wisdom. A nice combination


  2. super – Su and Kim have been handling this – so I’ll relay your info to them.


  3. Nancy: I would love to guest blog! Maybe next month when novel is released?


  4. Jamie – your new book looks like a fun read. Would you like to guest blog on our site?
    Maggie – I hope you’re getting settled in, October will be here before you know it.
    Su- when I tweeted the other day – so little time – so much to do – I thought of you.


  5. Great post, Nancy. What’s that social networking adage? Say if, forget it. Write it, regret it.

    Something like that.


  6. Nancy, I absolutely love this post. Who knew romance writers were so wise? Oh yeah, we all did. 🙂


  7. Nancy, I love this post, because it’s so true. I have the two kidlets today and taking this opportunity to smell their heads and smile at the hearts shining from their sweet eyes. Slowing down is not always easy for me, but today…I am 🙂


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