How Steve Jobs Changed My Life by Nancy Brophy

All week I’ve been singing a song I can’t get out of my head. Unfortunately, it is Janis Joplin’s “Oh, Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz.” Even though Janis died 40 years ago, her music still affects me, but nothing like the death of Steve Jobs.

He changed our world. In our home, we own Macbooks, Iphones and Ipads. I’m sure next to some of you I appear to be a lightweight. However, I’m loyal. I’ve used Mac computers since 1984.

I owned an SE, which was the rectangular upright box that Macintosh first marketed, except the SE was the upgraded version. It was so nice and so easy to use compared to the PC. I used that computer for eleven years.

Eventually because I was running a million dollar company off of it, my clients made fun of me and I had to upgrade. In all honesty, the next computer didn’t improve my company one iota, but my clients stopped giggling.

After that I owned another desk model, a mini Mac, the blue Macbook, which was damn near indestructible. Then I went to white Macbooks, which I am using to write this.

Thinner, lightweight but not nearly as bulletproof. My cover started to deteriorate. In 20 years I hadn’t had a problem.

I complained. The service company reluctantly agreed to send it to Mac, largely to get me out of their showroom, but assured me multiple times, nothing would happen.

I tossed my hair (and I have short hair – so this was hard to do) and announced I’d write Steve Jobs myself, if I had to. No doubt Steve Jobs would have lost sleep over that comment – if only he’d known.

However, it didn’t come to that. Macintosh replaced the case, gave me a new battery, did numerous internal things and sent it back to the open-mouthed service men’s surprise.

As I write and rewrite, change and edit and change some more, I try and imagine typing a manuscript with carbon paper copies and those awful little white strips required for each change.

Thank you, Steve Jobs for changing my life and the world.  Rest in Peace.


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  1. I’ve never been a mac user until four days ago. The day after I got my Mac Air Steve jobs died. Really, it wasn’t my fault. I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use–even though I’ve been a PC user since the day PCs were introduced. However, my husband has been an iPod and iTunes afficianado since their introduction. The thing that I loved most about Steve Jobs was that he had a clear vision and didn’t let the naysayers stand in his way. Also, he found a way to make technology so attractive and useful that anyone and everyone had to have it. That is impressive. Every time, the devices were amazing: iPhone, iPad are among the two that I said Wow!

    He will be missed.


  2. He left the world a better place. Thanks Nancy, for the memories.


  3. I loved Macs the first time I ever used one. When we lived in Hawaii, we had Macs and couldn’t think of ever owning anything else. Well, that changed but in my heart of hearts, I’m a Mac gal. And one of these days, I will own one again. Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You did wonders for the world. Nice way to remember him, Nancy. Thank you.


  4. As usual, Nancy, you cracked me up — a good thing @ 5:37 am barely through my first cup of coffee. Leave it to you to meld humor, loss and gratefulness. Nice job.


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