Does Everybody Need a Website? by Nancy Brophy

I ate lunch last weekend with a couple whose dog has a website, and – this was the part that blew me away – 350 followers. I can’t imagine my dogs having a website. PB and J are not that interesting.

They’re adorable in a princess-kind-of-way. But they also know how to shamelessly manipulate the crowds with that cuteness.

Lhasa Apsos are, unbelievably, Tibetan watch dogs which is why Tibet struggles to rule its own country. As far as I can tell, as watch dogs, it was their duty to wake up any real dogs if there was trouble.

But if a burglar breaks into to our house, my dogs are so eager for company, they will make him a sandwich.

They have a pressing schedule, yet somehow manage to squeeze in 18 hours of sleep each day.

They are not blood hounds. Some dogs get separated from their owners and trek 1800 miles across the nation to come home. I seriously doubt that my dogs could find their way to our house from down the street.

I assume they’d want a Facebook page to link to their website, but after one photo of their meal, there’s no need to post more. It’s pretty much the same food every day and after their plea for non-stop petting, they don’t really have many more requests.

Basically, they’re healthy except for the ADD. A pesky butterfly can make them lose focus. Lord save us, if they spot a squirrel.

We live in the Northwest. This is the year they’ve decided they don’t like the rain. And it’s only October. It’s promising to be a long winter as they stretch out on the couch and refuse to go outside. After all there’s a bathroom right down the hall.

They understand the rules – the couch in the living room is strictly off limits unless I’m not looking.

On the good side, they like watching sports with my husband, who believes the television is a two-way device. He frequently yells instructions to his team and our dogs back up his words with a menacing look.

They are not picky eaters. Believe me, they will eat anything.

They are welcoming. Anybody who visits our house comes only for one reason – to see them. A visitor has two hands. There is dog for each hand. Let the petting begin.

One of the things a writer learns in developing characters is that no one sees themselves as a sidekick. Maybe my dogs are just waiting for their chance to be the heroes of their own story.

Why don’t I just get on that, right now? Maybe a website is the way to go.


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  1. You girls are tempting me. That’s never a good thing. I’m glad you thought it was funny.


  2. LOL! You all are funny. But I agree. Cute dogs is an automatic hit for me. I should do one for my three shih tzus but they aren’t near as entertaining as Nancy’s. 😀 Cute!


  3. I’ve heard statistics lately about hits on sites and fan pages. They said if you talk about cats or dogs, your hits increase 350%. So, my suggestion is to forget having a website for Nancy Brophy. Instead have one for your dog, and get your dog to recommend all of your books. 🙂 According to the stats, you’ll get much better sell through. 🙂


  4. But of course they should have their own website, with a page devoted to the glory of dog bones and lazy days on your couch 🙂


  5. Ha, ha! I think you write like this about the, your dogs definitely should have a website 🙂


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