Industry Interviews – Introduction by Cassiel Knight

My role as a “Jane”, besides sharing my journey, is to share industry information with our readers. In light of that, coming soon, I’ll be sharing interviews of publishers sprinkled with interviews of agents in my Wednesday spot. While I will have some Big 6 interviews, my main focus is on digital publishers and small press. I hope you will find them interesting and discover new places to submit your work.

The first one, an interview with Soul Mate Publishing, will be posted next Wednesday.

For today, I thought I’d just give you a few links of some digital and small press publishers I’ve had interactions with and find them savvy and passionate about the industry, their business and their authors.

Champagne Books ( – Independent small press located in Calgary, AB Canada. Books are available in electronic and trade paperback formats. Currently accepting paranormal, science fiction/fantasy, fantasy/urban fantasy, steampunk and romance (paranormal, fantasy, futuristic, historical (western/medieval)

Crescent Moon Press ( – Founded in 2007 by seasoned industry professionals who have a never ending love for the fantasy, paranormal, and sci fi genre. Formed as a boutique publisher, CMP prides itself on quality writing, out of the box story lines and professionalism. Currently seeking urban fantasy, dystopian, futuristic, steampunk, mind-bending time travel, space operas, mythological as well as historical retellings with a twist, epic high fantasy and paranormal. Also accepting submission for Young Adult and New Adult.

Lyrical Press ( (my second publisher – love them!) – New York based small press digital publisher, offering an eclectic catalog of titles ranging from tender romances to supernatural horrors. Actively seeking erotica, romance (comedy, historical, paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/suspense, steampunk), and urban fantasy.

Soul Mate Publishing ( – Offering high-quality romantic fiction for readers around the world. Novels will be available electronically and in paperback.  Currently accepting submissions in romance: action/adventure, chick lit, contemporary, erotica, historical, fantasy, inspirational, paranormal, sci-fi/futuristic, suspense/thriller, time travel, urban fantasy and women’s fiction.

These are just four of the growing list of digital and small press publishers. I’ll bring you more over the next few months. Visit their sites, check them out. Who knows? Maybe one of them will be a great fit.


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  1. Kim, this is great. I look forward to following these blogs.


  2. Fabulous information, Kim. It’ll be fun to see which publishers, editors, and agents you capture here. Can’t wait 🙂


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