Clear The Decks, I Feel More Than One Project Coming On by Susan Lute

Part of the journey goes like this…send TDT to editor. Check. Finish BQ. Check. Do cover. Check. Publish. Within next two weeks! Make a publishing schedule for 2012. Check. Cancel all conferences for next year…

Wait. What? Cancel? All conferences? You’re kidding, right? My local writing chapter does a Spring Intensive every year. I’m giving a workshop! Whew! I’m going to that one.

Let’s talk. Do you have your morning coffee or tea at your elbow? Mine’s right here. Yes, for the next leg of my writing journey, it appears I’m staying home this next year in favor of following my own advice to write…write…write. I’d like to publish four new novels, and maybe a novelette or two – an ambitious schedule, especially for me.

What brought on this moment of clarity (some would call it insanity)? My mom moved to Hawaii. On the surface, that doesn’t mean much to most. It’s Hawaii for Pete’s sake. But for me came the realization of how quickly life can change. She’s seventy-seven, has a health issue or two, and is living the life she wants. I’m…not seventy-seven…have a health issue or two, and almost living the life I want.

How do you decide what you want your life to look like? I don’t know, but I do know I want time to read and more time to write. In equal parts. Probably. I want to look out the window with my fingers on the keyboard and see the sun shining. And I want to see streams and streams of sunlight falling across my desk.

Are you living the life you want? I’m always a little unsettled when these epiphanies come. Isn’t everyone? But I also know they must be dealt with or else they keep nagging. One of the ways I deal is to have a reading marathon. Since I believe you can see an author’s take on life from the stories they tell, I think you can also learn from them by reading their work.

I just finished a fabulous novel by Meljean Brook, Heart Of Steel. My favorite line is…God, he wished he’d kissed her properly first. He wished he’d made love to her as she’d wanted. Hard, fast, angry, slow…it didn’t matter now. Alright, I have two favorite lines. The second is…I’m coming back for you.

I don’t want to look back and wish I’d written that story. You know the one I mean. The one readers will pick up and be able to open to their favorite line. The one that will stay in their hearts and minds long after they finish. So the decks are cleared – at least for now. Check-

I know this is probably too philosophical, but I’m wondering… What is your favorite line from an awesome book? What thing would you clear the decks for?


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  1. Linda 🙂 The Janes feel the same about you!

    Cathryn, thanks for stopping by. As an author, we always wonder what readers take away, don’t we? I’m not sure I’ll have time to write all the stories in my head, but I hope I get the chance to try 😀


  2. Su,

    One of the fun things about getting your book on Kindle is noticing what quotes your readers have highlighted on their Kindles. I wonder what readers will highlight from your stories?

    I agree Meljean Brook’s books are worth quoting. I think I love her novellas even more. She is a fine example to us all–she’s young, and reached right out for her star. I stargazed for quite a few years.

    I wonder if I’ll have time to write all the stories whirling in my imagination? I hope so …



  3. Heart of Steel = EPIC WIN

    And yes, I’m living the life that I want, because I have awesome authors like the Janes in my life.


  4. Lol, Maggie. I remembered that line because I’d just finished reading HEART OF STEEL. You must also read Meljean’s first book, THE IRON DUKE. Equally awesome.

    Nancy, I agree. It’s the striving that makes life most interesting, and I’m always surprised by the woman who looks back at me from the mirror. Where has the time gone. Doesn’t matter. There’s plenty ahead too.


  5. Am I living the life I want? No. But do I want to be? Maybe. maybe not. I think it is the uncertainty that keeps us striving. Everybody comes from different backgrounds but mine never included the opportunity to rest on pass successes. It is the lack of living the life I want that keeps me young and active. I know lots of people my age and older that seem much older than I am. (Is this a comment that sounds like my surprise when I went to my high school reunion only to see how old everyone else looked? Probably) Love you, Susan


  6. Su, you are awesome! How wonderful to put your dream first and plan for it. If you write four novels, I will read all four of them. I LOVE your stories. I’m also envious that you have the clarity of mind to do this. I do want to write full time. But right now I also love what I’m doing as a consultant full time. So, I will continue to do both as I always have until I can bring myself to retire from the consulting.

    Wow, favorite lines from books. I must admit my memory is not one that holds lines. And if I could remember the line, I doubt I’d remember which book it came from. Instead, I remember feelings from books. I remember themes and characters and ideas. But I’ll be interested to see the answers here. I love the quote you offered from Meljean’s book. Now I’ll have to go buy it. 🙂


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