Are You Superhero Material? By Nancy Brophy

I don’t think I’d make a good superhero. For anyone who has been considering me as a candidate, I can only quote LBJ. “If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.”

Perhaps you’re just waking up from a long winter’s nap and wondering when did being a superhero become an elected post? I can only state for most, a superhero is a self-appointed position. Championing truth, justice and the American way is quite draining. In fact being a superhero involves a lot of physical activity, mainly fighting.

Forces of Evil represent an element of society I usually don’t choose to hang with and for some reason, a lot are bald. I’m married to a man who is losing his hair. It’s not that exciting.

Life is thrown out of balance once you don the superhero cloak or ring or hammer or whatever is required of your position. You’ve chosen the yin side of goodness. No longer can you be selfish or rude if your morning has gotten the best of you. The yang side is oppressed. The little things you do that you’re not proud of are no longer open to you as an option. I suspect you will be paying higher taxes and not cheating on that diet.

The good news is you will have a super bod, perfect hair and a brand new wardrobe. The bad news is you will be relegated to a life of secrecy. Forget meeting your friends for drinks and casual hookups are completely out. After all, what man could satisfy a woman with the ability to have a super orgasm? And what woman could survive a chance encounter with a man of steel?

Personally I have a difficult time imaging Clark Kent as a reporter. Yes, he could type much faster. But for a naïve guy who saw the world as good verses evil, I would think some of his stories were eschewed from a POV perspective.

But if I were granted a super power even for a limited period of time, what would it be? Invisibility? X-ray vision? Ability to fly? Super strength? None of those really appeal to me.

My super power would be the ability to speak, read and write every language including the nuances. I would like to be understood clearly. Rather than being a truly good person like Mother Theresa I would prefer to be a great communicator like Martin Luther King, who could affect world change and bring others closer together, through words, thoughts and deeds.

And that’s why I write.

Because every day affords me the opportunity to move toward super hero status.


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  1. Nancy you are a superhero!!! One I admire. I think it takes superhero powers to stay in this crazy business and to keep on keeping on!
    If I had some sort of super power I’d want to be able to move through space and time.


  2. Hilarious and thoughtful post, Nancy!


  3. I’ve actually wanted to be a superhero – one with telekinesis. I want to toss stuff (and people) around. 🙂


  4. Today’s Nana Friday and my four year old granddaughter was helping me with her little sister. She handed me something and at my thanks, she said, “I’m a superhero.” She is indeed .


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