…And My Life by Susan Lute

While I slept, it snowed here in the mountains of Oregon, leaving half an inch on the ground. I’m drinking hot chocolate (made from a recipe I’ve had for too many years to remember), eating yoghurt – key lime pie, yum – and sincerely thinking of curling up with a good book, rather than working on my ever evolving must-get-done list, which includes, of course, writing.

I have a cold. It’s mild, but still a cold.

…and I’m thinking about starting a fast draft. And getting a tattoo. A dragon tattoo. On my ankle. A pictograph that looks like it was carved into stone when storytellers first started telling stories around a roaring fire.

As far as the writing goes, you all probably know, I’m a huge fan of Candace Havens’ Fast Draft, where you put everything aside (or as much as you can) to write a first draft in 14 days. Yes, that’s 20 pages a day to get 280 pages in two weeks. Ugh! Now there’s a challenge. In my world, it’s easier to read 20 pages a day. But I adhere to the philosophy that no challenge is too huge to tackle. It’s that crazy-haired, scared girl inside that has to be wrestled to the ground.

I took the workshop from Candace at a conference in New York last summer, so this isn’t my first fast draft, but I have to say – I do better each time, and I think I’m learning to let the story flow. So I’m ready to try again.

I’m working on two projects – a 60 page novelette, contemporary romance, theme: romance vs science. Fun. This story is a little different than what I usually write. I think. Except I’m still looking for family, now that I think about it. And Bear’s story, tentatively titled, Bear’s Full House. You’ll remember Bear from A Girl Named Jane. He was the hunky guy, soon to be Marine, and had a ‘thing’ for Jane, who later went on to find her own heartthrob in Jane’s Long March Home. Now it’s Bear’s turn.

I’d love to have both done for Valentine’s Day {crazy grin}, which means I’d better get back to the writing.

In the meantime, the sun has come out. It’s shining in my office window. Yoghurt is gone.The hot chocolate is no longer hot. Here’s the recipe:

In a large bowl mix thoroughly with wooden spoon:
1 – 14 qt box dry milk
6 cups Nestlés Quick
1 large jar coffee creamer
1 – 1 lb package of powdered milk

Place 1/3 cup of instant cocoa mix in a cup. Add boiling water. Stir in a dab of milk or cream to cool. Garnish as desired. Drink. Calories: Don’t ask.

What do you do when there’s snow on the ground and you’re oh-so-tempted to curl up with a good book? Do you give in, or stick to the plan?


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  1. Me too, Linda. I’ve discovered Google earth, which at the moment is really interrupting my draft, fast or not. Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂


  2. I have tried doing super duper fast drafting. The problem for me is that I go crazy trying to fill the page and I write pointless, rambling stuff that I will have to cut anyway.

    I get hung up on page counts. I do better when I go by how much time I’ve worked.


  3. Terri, it is a challenge, but I know you can do it 🙂


  4. I hear more snow is predicted on Wednesday. I’m going to plan for it to be a total writing day. 20 pages a day? The most I ever hit in one day was 16. Hmm, only 4 more pages…


  5. Hope it keeps snowing. More pages and hot cocoa.


  6. It did. I worked on the short.


  7. The snow made it the perfect day for writing.


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