When, For Me, It All Came Together by Cassiel Knight

I’m an epublished author and I love being one. It’s important I start out like this because what follows may make you think otherwise. Let me tell you a quick story about Key of Solomon and my journey. I’ve already posted it so this is just a short reminder so you don’t have to go back and look for it.

You see, Key of Solomon was nearly the death of me as a writer. People talk about collecting rejection letters but most of them (not all) seem to collect them based on several books. Not me. I collected over 100 rejections on Key of Solomon alone. Yep, I think just about everyone, at that time, had seen my book. Some, several times. Agents, editors, didn’t matter. They’d all seen it. I didn’t throw it at any editor or agent that moved but I’d sent it to enough of them.

I had faith in Key of Solomon despite all that but toward the end, those rejections nearly broke me. I’d had enough and as I mentioned in my other column, I came close to quitting but in lieu of that, I placed Key aside. Long story short, it finally found a home with Samhain Publishing, it released in ebook last March, book 2 comes out in August and I couldn’t be happier.

At least, I thought I couldn’t. Until this past Saturday.

I ran to the store Saturday morning and when I got back, my husband pointed at a box on the counter and said, casually, that it was for me. I strolled over, perplexed about what I’d ordered since I didn’t remember anything and then I saw the return address. It said ‘Samhain Publishing’.

Of course, I immediately knew what it was. I think I squealed. Husband says I did. I’m sure his ears know better than me. I leaped for the kitchen scissors and tore into the box. I think I was saying OMG, OMG or something like that. After pushing aside the packaging, I got my first look at Key of Solomon in print.

Yes, it was my author copies of Key of Solomon.

I knew they were coming. After all, I’ve been waiting for almost a year. I re-edited the galley. It wasn’t a surprise. But, that didn’t stop the excitement. I picked up a book in all its printed, glossy glory and opened to peer inside. And that’s when, for me, it all came together. That everything I’d been through, every step on my journey had led to holding my first printed book in my hand. I knew I’d cry and I did.

Does this negate my epublished copy? Of course not. But I’d started my journey when the big thing was a New York publishing contract which equated to printed book. I’m happy to be epublished but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to hold MY book, with a gorgeous cover, printed with MY words, as a BOOK  in my hand.

And so, it happened. There are 10 beautiful copies of Key of Solomon sitting on my desk. And coming up in February, I’ll  get to sign my first copies. And in March at EPICon and July at Nationals and October at Emerald City, I will sign again.

For me, this part of my author journey ends here, and I feel like I’m now in a new phase. What that means, I don’t know. I just know I’m completely looking forward to this new journey. Even with all its ups and downs and I know I’ll have more ups and downs. I’ve proven I can come through on the other side. I’m ready.

Was there a point when, for you, it all came together? Do you think it changed your path? Please share. I’d love to know.


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  1. What an inspiring story 🙂 I’m just in the process of editing my first book and it’s really nice to hear other people’s stories.


  2. I agree that holding a hard copy of the book is a thrill for all of us who came up in the “old” days (three years ago+) of believing that is the sign of a real author. Whether its from a contracted book or a self-published book, I still want a hard copy to hold. I know it’s crazy–especially from a geek girl who loves her Nook and reads everything that way. For me, I think it’s seeing the full color cover with my name on it. It’s like artwork made for me. 🙂

    In terms of the moment for changing my career, I think it was when I edited EXPENDABLE and knew that I finally understood the foundations of craft and could apply them. Even though I’d written seven full length novels by then and submitted them, and won some accolades in contests, I never felt like a really “got it.” Even when I contracted Expendable I still wasn’t confident in my abilities. But between the time I contracted it and the time I did first round edits, things clicked from all the workshops I’d attended (increased and brought together by Margie Lawson’s Intensive). When I handed back my first round edits to Expendable, I KNEW they were good. I KNEW they were on target and truly made the story better. I KNEW I finally “got it.”

    That’s not to say I know everything about craft now. I don’t. I continue to learn and improve. But after that experience, my next novel has moved more smoothly. The writing is better/tighter. The tension and feeling is stronger. I feel more confident about myself as a writer. And when I get stuck, I feel confident that I will find a way out and it will turn out well. I think confidence is what keeps us moving when others don’t see our genius. 🙂 I never had that confidence before. I only had stubborness to not give up. Now I have both.


  3. Wishing you a million congrats. It would have been so easy to give up. You’re an inspiration to the rest of us!


  4. I am so excited for you! I’ll be picking up my copy tonight. I’ve had a few definining moments, but for suse one of them was holding Oops…We’re Married? in my hands for the frist time.

    Congratulations! Cassiel.


  5. I think the defining moment for me was when I was offered a contract. It validated all my hard work, told me I could tell a story others would want to read…and like you said there is nothing better than holding a book in your hands. My first comes out in March, and I’m on pre-squee…anxiously waiting to hold those glossy covered pages in my own hands!

    Congrats on your persistence and your release!


    • You are right, Christine. That is such a defining moment too for the the reasons you note. I hope you’ll come back and tell us how you feel when you hold that glossy book in your hand in March. In fact, if we haven’t already, we should talk to you about being interviewed on our blog. 🙂


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