Stories Can Change Your Life…. by Nancy Brophy

I love books. I love the look, the feel and the smell of books. Walking into a room decorated with crammed shelves of hardbacks and softcovers is like an old friend inviting me to tea. Opening a new story allows the adventure to begin. You are whisked into another world that draws the reader out of her every-day life and sets her on a new path.

I am not the only person who feels this way. Look at photographs of lawyers. Many times they are standing in front of a wall of leather bound tomes. Those pictures scream, “This is knowledge I have at my fingertips.” And yet Lawyers, like the rest of us rely more heavily on on-line research than hours spent pursuing the crackling pages of legal jurisprudence.

A woman on a recent TV show, Jeopardy claimed to have a cookbook collection and proudly boast she had 107 cookbooks. Both my husband and I said at the same time. “Piker.”

We have cookbooks.

When the culinary school needed a library, my husband offered to sell 1000 of our cookbooks from our home library. We have a room filled with nothing but cookbooks that push and shove until they spill out into the bookcases in the hall. Please note I am purposely not mentioning the number of writing-related books, I own, but I will say they are much better behaved.

Playing a game of golf requires a lump of four hours of time. Never going to happen. Yet, how many nights have I stayed up reading, promising myself to stop at the next chapter while cursing the author’s name for not letting me set the book down.

In the past few years I have learned to love the Internet, knowing no matter where I am I can read on my phone or my computer. I never travel alone. I tote a library with me. And if I can find an Internet connection I have access to entire world of books.

On Saturday, February 4th, I and a slew of other writers, through the brain-child of Donna Keihle of The Book Breeze, are meeting with librarians, booksellers and the general public to talk about ourselves and our stories.

This is one of those times when I will miss not having a book to hold – a piece of reality visually displaying who I am and what I’ve done. I fear I will the one with the deer in the headlights gaze and the panicked expression on her face fumbling with simple answers to complex questions, like, “What do you write?”

If you are anywhere near Wilsonville, Oregon from 1-3 pm, please stop by. I’d like to see a friendly face and hear an encouraging word. I’ll bring the chocolate.


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  1. The Wilsonville Library event was great fun. It appeared to me that you were very much in control, Nancy. I also noticed there were several other ebook only writers there. With e-readers becoming the norm and libraries even loaning ebooks to patrons, I think that seeing an ebook only author is no longer an anomaly.

    With three moves in five years, I gave new homes to the vast majority of my paper and hardcover books (about 80 boxes worth to the library–some of which were shelved and many were sold). I no longer have books taking up all available space, though they do still spill from the limited shelves we retain. But I do currently have over 400 books on my Nook and it grows by an average of 10 books a month. For me is economical, ecological, and easy to have my book collection in this format. The hardest part is waiting for some of my favorite older tomes to be made available in electronic format.


  2. I’ll be helping a friend move, but I’ll be thinking of you. 🙂


  3. I LOVE books. Without exception. My books are the kind that misbehave and spill into a stack on any available floor space. Like you, I also appreciate being able to carry a whole library on my kindle.

    Wilsonville? I’ll be at my desk writing again, and thinking of you and your chocolate 🙂 Have fun!


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