New Rules Of The Game by Susan Lute

The Hunger Games, the movie, is coming to the big screen at the end of the month. That has nothing to do with the tiny wrinkle in my plan to live the life of a full time writer, except to say I could break a rule in the first month of writerly employment.

The wrinkle? Thursday wasn’t my last day of work. There are a few more hours to put in over the next two days. Rest assured I’ll send up fireworks when I’ve driven that long commute for the last time. In the meantime, I’ve had a chance to plot and plan – are you surprised? Here are some rules, fresh from my fingertips via the keyboard. I think I’m up to the challenge.

Rule one. No internet before 10am. Except for research. I originally thought I’d go for noon, but I’m not that strong. Too curious. Didn’t want to fall on my caboose the first day.

Rule two. Write four hours a day. This seems reasonable, and a no-brainer, only I’m having a hard time keeping that caboose in the chair. I think it needs training, so changed this to: Write three pages a day. Better.

Rule three. Write something every day. ‘Nough said.

Rule four. No squirrels. Don’t get distracted. Hence the possibility of breaking this rule in the first month. A movie at the movie house, in town, is definitely a distraction. Though The Hunger Games could be considered research. Have you read the book? If you haven’t, drive to your local book store and buy it, or download asap. Great first book in the trilogy.

Rule five. Finish three current works-in-progress. Publish something new. Publish on Smashwords. Print publish at Lightening Source. Study. Learn. Plot and plan some more. Be bold. Be brave. Be myself. Know who that girl is.

Rule six. Don’t sweat rule five. Have fun. Forget the small stuff. Stop biting the fingernails. Dance. Laugh. Be happy.

So the next leg of the journey, and yours, if you want to skip along with me, is just through that door right there.

How many are planning to see The Hunger Games? And what is the first rule you’d break if you were taking on writing full-time?


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  1. Whoohoo for woman’s best friends!


  2. Squirrels! But I call them chinchillas, specifically Chilla, Milo, Merri and Gus. But I think the dogs are going to hold me to rule two. They’re both in the path to the door!!!



  3. You are awesome, Terri! By noon, I’m jonesing for something else to do, lol. I’m hoping that will be exercise.


  4. I break rule number one because I operate in a different mind-time and I know there’s lots of hours in the day for my writing time. For me it’s between 10am-3pm and I’ve been able to stick to those hours when the details of my life say – full time writer – whether I chose them or not. 😀


  5. Good luck with your last days at work.

    I want to see Hunger Games, too!!!


    Not squirrels… chipmunks. They’re a huge distraction around here. And the dog, and my husband…

    So, want to join me in page accountability?


  6. I want to see The Hunger Games.

    As in all things writing, my ‘rules’ for writing full time are more like ‘guidelines.’ LOL

    Rather than ‘Write every day’, my goal is to write most days and work on my writing career most days.

    Another goal is to move every hour, whether by running laundry up and down the stairs, doing a stint on my treadmill desk, or accomplishing a small chore such as unloading the dishwasher. I’m trying to keep my metabolism out of hibernation.

    Having a schedule and goals is important. I find that meeting another writer on google talk most mornings and then checking in at lunch time and reporting progress helps keep me on track.

    Don’t have much trouble with the internet or social media, but if I did, I’d have a rule about it!

    Like your goals in rule number five, but don’t be too hard on yourself or you’ll be miserable.

    I always try to get out of the house to meet a friend or at least work in a coffee shop once a week. Balance is important. You’re used to being around people most of the day. Don’t go cold turkey.

    Congratulations on your new writing adventure! Let me know when you’ve had a week at home – maybe we can have coffee and a sanity check one afternoon?


    • Hi Sarah 🙂 Yes, I’m going to add exercise too, starting tomorrow – I say now 🙂 That’s going to be an important component. Sanity check – check 😀


  7. Lol, I’m always tempted to be naughty, Nancy, as you well know. I’m finally starting to get excited 😀

    Viola, let’s do keep each other company. I’m hoping full-time writing will be a permanent gig, but we can keep each other in line, and maybe you’ll be able to start earlier, like Marie Force. Because of the success of her indie books, she was able to quit the day job ten years earlier than planned. Yay!


  8. The time will go faster than you think. The fact you’ve set goals and rules will make you happier at the end. Even though there will be days where you’ll tempted, tempted, tempted to be naughty. We’re with you.


  9. missviolacross

    I love that you set rules – and that they are doable 🙂 Congrats on your journey to being able to write full time! I think I’ll skip along with you, although my full time gig won’t start for many more years. I’d most likely break the no internet before 10am rule. That’s the one I struggle with now! Happy writing Susan.


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