Three Things I Can’t Live Without…by Susan Lute

In case this is your first visit to See Jane Publish, occasionally I ramble. This is one of those Sundays.

I LOVE coffee. Most of the time I DON’T like to cook. I can’t pass up chocolate. Who can? Randomly, there are days when I can easily not do what I’m supposed to be doing, so I take the whole day (yes, you read that right) and read, read, read. On Sundays, except for writing this blog, I consider that a day off.

There are three things I can’t live without. Since family is a given, the first thing on the list is friends. When I was growing up, my family moved every year or two. Consequently I wasn’t very good at making friends. Too shy. Didn’t see the point, since soon I’d be moving on. It wasn’t until we landed with a thud in Oregon, and stayed, that I began to learn the fine art of not only making friends, but of being a good friend. Uphill climb. One that has taken more years than I care to admit.

This weekend, I’ve happily spent in the company of the best friends a girl can have, and not just the ones in the house with me, typing away, but writing buddies from all around the Portland area, and two new friends. You know who you are. So nice to meet you. I’m grateful these days that making friends comes easy.

The second thing I can’t possibly live without is ‘the writing’. Who knew I would be so passionate about something so fundamental to my life? Telling a story of emotional, and sometimes physical survival, that comes together at the end with a happy-ever-after, gives me a thrill that keeps my feet dancing. When I read a good book, I get the same giddiness of happy. Sometimes it happens when I’m out and about, and take a good picture.

As an indie author – actually this is true for all authors, no matter how we’re published, traditional, epubbed, or indie – I spend a lot of time doing social networking. Some I enjoy, some not so much. Which is also true of most authors. So, can’t live without the laptop. How many of us have customized our tools the way we want them? And now the Kindle. Yum!

The point of this post, you ask? Not sure, except to say friends have your back. Old and new. They hug and hold your hand while life careens around you. Most assuredly they add contour and color to what can, for some, be a challenging existence (not me, I’m liking where I am). So gather with me, hoist your coffees. Spill. What can’t you live without?


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Hi Maggie 🙂 Mine doesn’t edit for me. He gets too tied up in the tree branches. But he’s a great ra-ra section.


  2. I agree on the coffee. I am definitely addicted to drinking it in the morning–but no later. I also value getting together with other authors. I spent three long years without that regular contact, and I can tell you I missed it desperately.

    The third thing I absolutely need is my husband. Truly! He has been so supportive of my writing and, being a professional editor himself, I believe him when he says a book I’ve written is good. My Mom says it and I know she just loves me. But when he says it–which is not with every book–I believe it. I wish I had known this with my first two or three books–which I didn’t let him near. They would have been better.

    He is my rock when my day job drives me crazy, and now my rarely complaining copy editor when I’m working on final galleys. I am truly blessed.


  3. Cathryn, it was so good to see you Saturday! And I agree. I definitely need those recharging moments that come with being with like-minded buddies 😀


  4. Jamie, I had three cups of coffee before noon today, lol. Mmmmm….

    I do love my jewelry, Miss Gina 🙂 If I was a piece of jewelry, I’d be a three inch crystal cuff, or crystal and silver dangling earrings. I would not like sackcloth!


  5. Susan,

    Writing can be a lonely profession/avocation. We need the company of like minded, slightly bent people like ourselves–writers to the bone.

    After getting together with my homegirls, and the few guys who are brave enough to enter our ranks, I feel regenerated and fed by the currents of goodwill, knowledge and sometimes just plain commiseration.

    I treasure my alone, creative time, but I also treasure growing and learning with you all.

    Hawaiian Heroes I; Walking in Fire Available for pre-order now!


  6. Friendship and long conversations about nothing and everything. Without those memories and the anticipation of more on the horizon, life would lose its color and texture. Like wearing gray sackcloth. Not for this fashionista, nor you my bejeweled buddy!!!!


  7. I’m so with you on the coffee, sister. Waiting for my first cup right now.


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