What’s Tim Tebow’s HEA? …. by Jessica Smith

Today I am introducing a new guest blogger, our friend and pre-published author, Jessie Smith. Jessie foolishly went to dinner with my husband and i just before her trip to Honduras. She spent the meal asking about the Tebow situation. My husband who listens to my blog every week before it gets published pushed her to write a guest blog. “No. No. No,” was all she said at dinner but three hours later she sent me this little gem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Nancy Brophy

Can we talk football? Wait, did I actually say that? I blame Nancy, which is essentially why I have taken over the blog to talk about something, nay someone, that is consuming my thoughts. Yes, let’s talk about the future of Tim Tebow.

What? You don’t watch football? Yet, I bet you still know of a guy named Tebow. I was shocked to discover that I could sit through hours of a football game, if they occasionally gave me a human interest segment, talking about the real-life drama of the one of the football players. They’re like little novellas. And no one has gotten more attention recently than Tim Tebow…

Tebow’s mother calls him her miracle baby. Ahhhh.

Tebow invites disadvantaged kids to each game. Ahhhh

Katy Perry and Lindsay Vonn gave it their best shot and he’s still single. Yeah.

I caught the wave of interest with the rest of the nation. I don’t even know anyone in Denver but that didn’t stop me from adding a Broncos game to my bucket list. I do fall short of actually tebowing but if that’s a requirement to be a card carrying fan club member, I will get down on one knee, if you’ll help me get back on my feet.

I followed his progress like reading a romance novel. Tebow worked for me as a convincing hero He worked hard, followed his dreams of being a football player and never compromised on his values. When he got his shot at being the Broncos’ quarterback, he didn’t waste that opportunity. With surprising game victories, he showed that he was willing to take a beating and if need be, score the damn touchdown himself.

And how was he rewarded? Denver finally announced that Tebow would be the starting quarterback next year. YES! The hero had completed his journey. Wait, what do you mean the story didn’t end there?

Enter the evil villain, aka Peyton Manning. In an instant, Tebow has been replaced and his future as a starting quarterback is in question. I had been reading that Manning was interviewing other teams but dismissed stories that Denver was a serious contender because come on, that’s not how happily ever afters work. Apparently that’s not how football works. Fans are loyal to their core but players are traded in a heartbeat.

So why am I writing this blog post? I blame Nancy’s husband. He has suffered through many of my asinine football questions…

What team is wearing the white shirts?

Shouldn’t there be a cap on how many players can sack the quarterback?

Tell me more about Tom Brady? What did his wife say? Throw and catch a ball?

But apparently a man draws the line at why? Why would they do this to Tebow? Why would Manning want to take Tebow away from Denver? Why would Denver want an injured quarterback when they have freaking Tim Tebow? Why do I care?

Apparently time will answer my questions. Personally I have already re-written Tebow’s HEA. Feel it with me people, F-l-o-r-i-d-a. He was a rock star in Denver but there’s nothing like a good ol’ story of your main character’s comeback as the hometown hero. Ahhhh.


About Jessie Smith

Health Care Worker by Day, Aspiring Author by Night and 24/7 Staff for Riley (Corgie/Tibetan Spaniel Mix)

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  1. Great post Jessie, you had me at ‘Tom Brady’ 😉 I hope Tim gets his chance in the spotlight and I am all for painting Peyton Manning the “Evil Villain” after this year’s Superbowl. Booo Hisss!


  2. Still processing the recent events for Tebow. If it was truly his decision, I’m happy for the guy. Thank you Jessica, Delilah, Lauren and Marie for your supportive posts. I have awesome friends.


  3. Loved your post 🙂 I don’t watch football but you made it so understandable by equating it with a novel. I hope Tim gets to stay the hero!


  4. Lauren Hartman

    Awesome post, Jessie!! Very informative and highly entertaining! I loved it – and this is coming from someone who doesn’t give 2 poops about football, unless it is Superbowl time, of course! 🙂


  5. Jessie, I didn’t know Tim but I do now!!! LOL. Fabulous post!


  6. Made me smile. Excellent post, Jessie!


  7. What is going on? I can’t believe Elway holds Tebow’s future in his hands right now. I would love to be a fly on the wall in his office. Do he take the draft picks, the 5 million or lose the deal entirely? Come on Florida, put your hat back in the ring!


  8. Jessie,

    I hear ya!

    We can only hope the lawyers/agents were that stupid not to read the contract first. Cause I’d look terrible in that green jersey color. LOL

    Seriously, Elway–you’ll pawn off your daughter on Tebow but he’s not good enough for the precious Broncos? You stink.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Chat later, Jessie!



  9. Thanks. I went decades without any interest in football. Now I’m chomping for the next season to start.

    What?!? There might be a snag in the deal with the Jets. Does this mean that prayer works?


  10. Great post! I couldn’t care less about football, have never heard of Tebow or Manning and will never think of them again, but you still are a terrific writer. 🙂


  11. Thank you Kerri! So glad you posted because I feel the same way about Elway. I guess only in football can the guy who fires Tebow also say that he would be okay if Tebow married his daughter. That would be interesting family holidays 🙂


  12. Thank you Paty
    Thank you Cassie
    Thank you Gina – I’m working on the Woof story, promise.
    Thank you Susan
    Thank you Sarah – I’m glad you could relate. I still don’t understand all the rules to the game but I will add Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ books to my to-be-read pile 🙂

    Alright Christy, I must admit – I saw the press conference and Manning sounds like a good human being. Under different circumstances, I might be happy for the guy. But I’m not there yet 🙂

    Seriously, where’s the “I volunteer as tribute” moment in this story? (shout out to Su and Darla)


  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Heck, I’m an Alabama girl and an Alabama fan and no one roots against Florida harder than us–and even I’m a TEBOW fan!

    I had the honor to hear him speak live at a charity event last week and he’s even better in person. Gals, he’s the real deal and one of the last few good young men out there.

    I could care less about Denver Broncos and hope jealous-green-with-envy-pants Elway gets what he deserves. Talk about a backstabber.

    The Jets? Yucko. We were hoping Tebow would be able to spread some much needed sunshine back in the southeast again.

    But as for an HEA? Still on the way…my friends. Still on the way.

    GREAT post!


  14. Jessie – This is a great post! Unfortunately, as an Indiana native, I’m a minion of the evil villain aka Peyton Manning. Wait! Don’t hate me. We have lots in common as two women who may not know much about football, but both know they want their hero to find his HEA.

    I just heard about the Jets thing for Tebow. For your sake, I’m hoping he gets a few chances to shine in New York. For my sake, will you at least hope that Peyton doesn’t get sacked 10 times in his first game?

    You’re a great writer. I want to see more blog posts, books, etc.!


    The chances that he would have been a starting quarterback for another team was slim. The best hope was that he could have been traded to a team with an amazing QB (a la Tom Brady) so if he was second string, he would be learning from the best and take over one day (thank you Nancy’s husband for the insight). The Jets have QB Sanchez, who is great but not going anywhere anytime soon. That means Tebow won’t be seeing the field much and only brought out on special occasions.

    Nancy – please talk to your hubby. I need some good news about this……


  16. Jessie, I don’t know if you are still reading this but I just saw an announcement that Tebow’s been traded to the New York Jets. Good? Bad?


  17. Great post, Jessie! After reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ football romances, i was determined to learn how it all worked. After much tutelage by my husband and two sons, I have an inkling. I can watch a game and enjoy it now. You had me laughing, remembering the questions I asked my guys when I was learning to appreciate football.


  18. Too funny, Jessie! Love the post. If I watched football, I would have the same questions, lol!


  19. Nothing like awesome friends to boost your ego – Thank you for reading this post!


  20. Yeah! WOOF! Finish the damn book! Loving the blog and eagerly anticipating reading YOUR HEA.


  21. Jessie! What an awesome post! See how talented you are? Finish the damn book, girl! Thanks for the fun this morning.


  22. Fun post Jessie. I hope Tim gets his HEA.


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