Lists, Androids, And The First Day of …. by Susan Lute

I’m a list maker – surprise, surprise. I have many lists. A list of things I wanted to do as soon as I was sure the new day job was real. A publication calendar for the rest of 2012 – a list of sorts. The list of writerly things I wanted to accomplish before I get on the bus for my first day of work. A list of things to take with me. Groceries to buy for the first week. What clothes to wear…

The job is real (I have an employee number), so in the last 48 hours I’ve gotten more done than in the eight weeks I’ve been off. Hilarious, right? After ten chapters of hard copy revisions to my current wip (writer slang for work in progress – for you readers out there, who’s great love is reading), last night Jane’s Long March Home went up on Smashwords. E-Formatting Fairies does the manuscript conversion, so it was easy peasy. This morning I’m awake at 4am. No point in laying in bed. Info for the Bewitching Book Tour sent. Then it’s time for coffee, and See Jane.

Those of you who know me, know I’m last in line for any technical update in my daily life. Hang onto your seats. Don’t snicker, it’s not polite. But taking on a 40 hour a week job, and because I’ve decided to take mass transit to work (an 80 minute bus ride), preplanning called for some organization and innovation. Finally I was pushed into getting an Android phone. Considerations: New job, less time for writing, even without social networking. Long bus ride; could be cannibalized for writing, but even better, social chit chat. Plenty of time to learn how to use the Android – we’ll call her Luci, the Droidette. So I go to Verizon, talk to a very nice young man, who answers my very specific questions clearly and concisely. You would be so proud. Thanks to all who talked about their droidettes within my hearing, thus giving me many fact-finding questions. The end result, I walked away with a Lucid.

This is where the fun begins, because now that I’ve leaped over the edge, I need Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads on the phone. That happy job fell to the wonderful son-in-law, another Luddite, who’s only recently gotten his own droid, and taken to it like a duck to water. After his tender care, Luci is ready for her first trip into town, except… how do I find the Spinning Wheel Cafe, or See Jane, or any other blog I’d like to visit? …{Jeopardy music} You all would be glad to know I just now figured out how to navigate. And how to book mark the pages. All without breaking the phone. Not a complete Luddite, after all.

What’s left to do? Make sure the Kindle is charged. Get clothes ready. Pack my bag. Make sure purse has all essentials. On the first day, I’ll lunch in the cafeteria, that is if I don’t go for a walk in the glorious sunshine. The prediction is for Portland sun all week. Note to self: take an energy bar.

I’m reading Marie Force’s Ready For Love. Diana Duncan is returning to See Jane to share her remarkable journey since we last saw her. Stay tuned for that. What are you doing, this first full week of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest, while I’m off to the new job?


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  1. Wow, Su, look at you – all grown up. 😀 I’m so happy to hear you’ve embraced the digital age (hope you didn’t hear my snickering). Hugs!


  2. Gina Fluharty

    LOL! I think my phone is the only electronic I haven’t named! As for what I am doing, waiting for “business hours” to begin so I can schedule furnace/AC maintenance, making my own lists for the grocery store and toiletries I need, remuinating on the advice from my critique partner and writing a poem about my WIP to keep my thoughts on track. Oh! And creating a Dark and Deadly name for a fellow Hooligan. :o)


  3. GOOD luck, Susan! Wow, what a transition…


  4. Wow! Talk about kicking ass… Is downtown Portland ready for you and Luci?


  5. Maggie Jaimeson

    Susan, Welcome to the hyper-digital world! I’m impressed that you got so much done so quickly. Even though I’m a “techie” I put off getting a smart phone, joining facebook and twitter and most social networking up until a little over a year ago. I just felt that my email was already out of control, so why would I want to add to the overwhelming amount of digital communication. It was when I realized I NEVER heard from my children or even my 80+ year old parents unless I was on facebook that I joined. Then my new job provided me with an iPhone and I must admit I’m addicted.

    My one piece of advice for you is to plan weekly non-connected time for at least four hours. If you don’t you may find yourself sleeping and dreaming about social networking. Wouldn’t want you to burn out.


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