Commuting, Industry News, And Exciting Happenings… by Susan Lute

One of the benefits of being a commuting writer is I now have time to catch up with what’s going on in the publishing industry. I read emails, follow links and my favorite blogs. It’s interesting and quite fun staying in the know.

I also wrote most of this blog on the bus last week (you notice it didn’t get posted any sooner). Another thing I’ve discovered is I need every second…yes, you read that right…every s e c o n d I’m home to type on revisions and tend to the ‘business’ side of the business.

So there I was, the bus driver in charge of getting us to downtown Portland on time, while I worked on this post, among other things. It was a little overcast on Wednesday morning, but temperatures were expected to reach the low 70’s, which they did. Not bad for Portland in May. I walked at lunchtime. The city’s getting ready for Rose Festival, which happens in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, if you happen to be in Portland starting today.

Here are some of what’s going on in the writing world, not TM Waterfront Park. For that information check out Portland Rose Festival.

Trademark infringement? Yes, or no? See what the Washington Post has to say.

Entangled calls for submissions: Christmas Flirts & New Year’s Ever Afters. Get those manuscripts ready.

Agent or no agent? Good question. Interesting answer from Marie Force.

Need your manuscript formatted? Check out E-Book Formatting Fairies.

Coming up: Book Expo America (BEA), June 4 – June 7.

Joe Konrath on pricing books and e-books.

And last, but not lease, Friday I got an email notification that RT Book Reviews (@RT_Magazine) mentioned me on Twitter!‏ So I followed the link, and here’s where it took me. The Return Of Benjamin Quincy is currently one of our featured ebooks! Check out RT’s E-BOOKS SPOTLIGHT page! Holy Benjamin. How exciting is that?

What’s the most exciting thing that happened to you last week? Or what exciting thing do you WISH had happened?


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  1. Gina Fluharty

    Yay Benjamin!!! Completed 6000 words in 2 days in Yachats.


  2. Congratulations, Jenny! Give us the title. I want to see and buy 😀 What exciting news!


  3. Hey, very cool about the Twitter/RT mention, Susan! And so glad the commute is improving your day. I can imagine this–having enforced focus time when you can’t run around is a gift. The most exciting thing that happened to me this week just happened today. I didn’t know, but an author wrote to say my forthcoming novel went up on Amazon! Yipes. This book took 11 years to sell…now other people know it exists.


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