Odds And Ends …by Susan Lute

Being the commuting writer is perfect for me – for now anyway – because I love to people watch. In Portland, watching people can be a full time job. There are students, business men and women, the homeless, protesters camping out at City Hall, commuters, bicyclists, runners, the lunchtime crowd, the night crowd, straight hair, curly hair, blue and purple hair, nose rings, ear rings, tattoos, shy, in your face. It’s all there on the streets of Portland.

Which got me to thinking. If I was a twenty-something in today’s world, what would I look like? What story would I be telling? I’m always amazed by the single fact that there are now over seven billion individual people in the world. Doesn’t that just blow your mind? Just from that statement, you won’t be surprised when I tell you I was the last flower child born. When I was a teenager, back in the day, I wore long, flowery skirts I made myself, and most of the time had flowers in my hair. How far the journey has taken me since that day. Or maybe not.

I found a new place to eat. It’s called the Laughing Planet. The special this week was Mr. Green Jeans (a rice bowl). Ingredients: Organic brown rice, black beans, edamame (soy beans), local sweet corn, Tillamook Monterrey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, grilled chicken. I can make this at home, and will some day.

Startling news of the week: Amazon buys Avalon Books!

Books bought: Saving Gerda by Lilian Darcy

Books reading: The Digital Writer’s Guide to Twitter by Sean Platt & Tracy O’Connor

Insane moment: deciding to respond to Entangled’s call for submissions for Christmas Flirts. The deadline is today.

So back to my earlier question. If I was twenty-something today, what would I look like? I’d have short spiky hair. It might be blue. Or red. My ears would be pierced, but not my nose, or chin, or any other place. I’d wear lots and lots of jewelry. I’d have a tattoo. Maybe two. I’d be a nerd. In college studying liberal arts, mostly ancient history, maybe archeology. What story would I be telling? Stories about magic, and dragons, and prehistoric evolution. I’d write about the things folks no longer remember, and it’d be fun to read.

How about you? What would you look like. What would you be writing or reading?


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  1. Gina Fluharty

    I just saw “Prometheus” so if I was twenty-something, I’d want to be an archeologist or anthropologist working on the mysteries of where we came from. I’d explore and write about the past in the hopes of discovering the future. Tattoos are a given, no piercings other than ears and I’d be less of a fashion-whore than I am now. Jeans and tank tops.


  2. I saw the twenty-someting me yesterday. In the parking lot of Safeway. She carried a Chloe bag 🙂


  3. Fascinating as I just attended a ’70’s themed party. It was a bit odd to realize that I lived in jeans and my shirts were all loose and colorful but not bold – and I went to my closet and realized I’m still wearing the same styles. However, I was also into the disco scene then and had the flowing dresses and heels, none of those in my closet.

    If I was 20 now, I’d pay more attention to fashion and accessories. I’d also be more interested in travel. I was going to be a banker and volunteer at high school musicals. I love live theater.

    This has all been really good to think about and matches with a conversation I had earlier with my sister. Su, you always seem to spark something for me.


  4. Lovely post! As a 20-year-old, I’d see the world through insecure, but wanting, eyes. I was passionate and creative then, but lacked a great deal of personal growth. I wish I would’ve written more, but I know it wasn’t yet time. Thank goodness for growth, right??


  5. It’s interesting to read this today, given that I spent some of my leisure time yesterday listening to YA authors on video talk about who they were in High School and what/how they’ve changed. In some ways, I think who we are in High School (or want to be) is our true self. It is the time that you separate from parents and make a determination of what your independent identity is or will be. That identity is formed from passion and belief (at least in my case) that you can do anything if you only care enough and invest enough time and energy in it. That identity is formed before we fully become adults and begin that long process of giving up parts of ourselves in order to fit in, get a job, maintain a marriage, or just get along more effectively in a social or political environment.

    In listening to the interviews, I was envious of those young authors (most of them were significantly younger than me) who attended some type of creative arts high school–either a magnet school or a private school. They all said they were accepted as the creative minds they were, and were allowed to dress in any way they wished. Others who went the more traditional high school route talked about the pressures to be the same as everyone else or to be part of the popular group.

    I went to a large public high school where I was neither a rebel or in the popular group (identified as cheerleaders or rich debutantes) but I also never felt left out of high school life. I do think that the identity I formed then is the true me–one that is practical yet creative, one that wants to make a statement but quietly, one that believes she may not have the whole cake and eat it too, but definitely can have a hefty slice if I work at it enough.

    How does that translate to what I would look like? For me I’ve always identified with the fashion and hair styles of the 1950’s. It was an optimistic time, post WWII, and the role of women was changing. Those fashions were that combination of practical sophistication with a quiet inkling of creativity and definitely feminine. The one thing I wouldn’t like, however, is the wearing of gloves. I have never been and will never be one to want a tattoo or to dye my hair green or to put various jewels, rings, or other metal accoutrements on my body (I don’t even wear earrings). Those speak too loudly for me. Some would say this sounds pretty boring, but for me it is the perfect statement of fashion. Now, if I could only find those clothes and put my body back into that high school.college Marilyn Monroe figure. 🙂


    • Maggie, so interesting. The Mr says he would have liked the old west days. And I think you would be cute in swirly skirts, with sweaters to match 🙂


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