Benefits Of Being The Commuting Writer …by Susan Lute

On Monday I will have been occupying my office on the bus for six weeks. In another four I’ll leave it for the home office, where I’ll transition into a telecommuting worker. The commuting writer will morph once again as this writer’s journey takes another turn. What a crazy life you say? Probably, but I like it. It’s never dull.

One of the benefits of being the commuting writer is the time I’ve had to blog surf. I’ve learned a lot about folks who are genuinely interested in helping their fellow writers. These bloggers are making communities on the web that make me very excited. Today I want to celebrate these writers and bloggers. Surf with me, and let’s go on a blog tour 🙂

First let’s go to August McLaughlin’s Blog. Hi August! <waving> This week her topic is The Beauty Of Something New. She asks, “What do you do to keep things lively and joyful in your life or career? What’s the latest “something new” you’ve tried?” Great question.

From there let’s pop over to Melissa Foster’s FosteringSuccess. You’ve Written A Book. Now What? Here you’ll find everything you want to know about how to make your writing career a success. And she offers author classes, a huge bonus. Melissa is also the brain-trust behind The Women’s Nest, an online community of women helping woman, and the World Literary Cafe, where readers and authors unite, a great place to spend some time.

Our next stop, Kristin Lamb’s blog, is a great blog full of enormously helpful information on all kinds of stuff related to writing. And Kristin has extended her blog to embrace Twitter –Join the Love Revolution #MyWANA.The debut party last week was awesome.

In the writer’s life, there’s a lot learn and know. In today’s world it’s about writing the story, and it’s also about making community. My mom and I are discussing this very thing this morning, over our coffee, only from a different filter. She’s seventy-seven years old, and moving here from Hawaii. She’s found a place that’s speaking to her, a home she’ll have to have roommates to move into, in a park, in a small town where she can be part of a like-minded community. That’s what our star bloggers are offering. Like minded communities on the web.

Last weekend I revised and wrote for 16 ½ hrs. In two days! I have never done that before. It was a milestone, and showed me what I’m capable of. But it’s because of my writing communities here at See Jane, on the web, my local writing group, and my writing dollies that I think I can…we think we can…so we can.

What other positive communities do you know of that we can add to our list?


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  1. Great article! This is my first trip to your blog. I love your concept!


    • Welcome Andrea! So glad you stopped by. We are a diverse group of Jane’s. I thinks that’s what makes this blog so interesting. And it’s not just about us, but the reading and writing community at large 🙂


  2. Wow, Susan, I’m honored to have been mentioned! Thank you! The classes at Fostering Success are getting rave reviews.


  3. Thanks for the link, August. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and Melissa and Kristen through your blogs. You can tell so much about a person through their words 🙂


  4. Hi Susan! 🙂 I love your positive outlook on your commuting and your adventurous writing life overall. Thanks for the warm shout out!

    I’m eager to check out Melissa’s blog, and enjoyed Kristen’s big time. Toward that end, all writers are welcome to join the #MyWANA chat on Twitter and mingle with artists of all kinds over at WANA International:


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