How I Spent My Summer Vacation…. by Nancy Brophy

like being inside an aquarium

My husband and I drove to Seattle to see the traveling King Tut exhibit, which he had missed in the late seventies, but I’d seen in New Orleans. It was good, but I wasn’t as awed as I had been 35 years earlier. Because we’d been clever and ordered on-line tickets for the first showing of the day, the exhibit was not crowded which made viewing it more enjoyable.

But the highlight of my day was going to the new Chihuly Exhibit.

Chihuly has a mountain of work, which takes up several rooms and a fabulous outdoor garden. At this point I could gush, but I’d rather post photos and let you make your own decision. However I can guarantee you that for me it was awe-inspiring.

This was my husband’s favorite – look at the reflection in the floor

I don’t think there are words to describe how magnificent this is

Part of the outside garden – the colors are so intense

This piece hangs outside – how is it able to survive the weather?

There are at least five of these in a variety of shapes and colors.

If you look straight up through the windows you would the space needle

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  1. These are beautiful! What talent 🙂


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