The Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of July…. By Nancy Brophy

Reading the news is becoming my downfall. Here is what I have recently discovered:

Andy Griffith and Nora Ephron have died. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are divorcing. She’s taken off her wedding ring. They have a lot of houses some of which may go on the market and Scientology may have driven them apart.

Drinking coffee could decrease my risk of cancer, which would outweigh the fact I probably have a mental illness or alcoholism because I was spanked as a child and have had no children of my own.

San Diego’s fireworks’ display lasted fifteen seconds due to some technical error. We all make mistakes, but usually my problems don’t result in thousands of dollars being wasted with the entire world looking on.

The Supreme Court is making everybody crazy, but I’m skipping the political news because it means nothing. For every article you read about one Presidential candidate there is another one that espouses the exact opposite. Obama has an edge. Romney can win. It’s only July and I’m sick of campaign rhetoric and mudslinging.

Has summer always been this complex? Or has the simpler times of our past been homogenized by our memories?

In comparison to previous Julys, times are crazier, but my standards have also changed. I’m no longer thrilled by the thought that I can write my name with a sparkler. And I haven’t wanted to run through a sprinkler for years. Nor have I wanted to be a bridesmaid in anyone’s summer wedding. I don’t need another dress in a sad shade of seafoam green that makes my skin look yellow hanging in my closet next to others in an array of unflattering pastels.

The best July I ever spent was on Corfu, a Greek island where I sported the best tan of my life and lived in a youth hostel that cost $2.00 per day. It was the last lazy summer of my youth.

This year I spent the holiday writing, pushing to finish the first draft of my latest manuscript. Did I do it? No.  Am I closer? Yes. With only a flicker of guilt I am satisfied with my productivity.

For Portland, summer doesn’t begin until after July 4th. Today is the 5th, the sun is shining, we’ve turned on the air conditioning. Sunday, we are picking cherries and apricots. This is my favorite time of year.

If I believe the newspaper articles, I don’t have long to live, but I’d rather be in Oregon than any other place. I’ve come to love my life with all it’s ups, downs and complexities. The thought I’m giving up the news isn’t that big a sacrifice.


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  1. Giving up the news is a good thing. It’s just the same old round of stories with different faces. I love Portland. My daughter lived there for five years and I visited her as much as I could.


  2. A friend and gifted therapist once told me that when we watch the news while eating, we digest it along with our food. It’s wise to keep a distance.


  3. The nice thing about conflicting news reports is you can take what you want to believe and throw the rest away. 🙂 News is too crazy anymore because everyone is looking for the big headline–the big shocker of the day. I’ve come to the conclusion that the best place to get my news is on Comedy Network or Late Night Shows. They tend to get to the heart of everything with some well-placed questions and examples and then make us laugh about the absurdity of it all.

    As long as I can keep laughing about politics, religion, the latest cancer cure or scare, I figure life is pretty good. The day I start to obsess about any one report is probably the day I need to be locked away or start down that long road to the bright star in the night.

    I love summer and fall in Portland. But then I love Portland in general, including the rain that makes for all the green. The nice thing about being older is that whatever is driving me crazy I know will change soon, and whatever is on the news will be forgotten and/or repeated in a few years. So, if I don’t obsess over it today, I don’t need to worry. It will come around again and I’ll have another chance to obsess then. Yeah, I’m pretty mellow today.

    Enjoy the sun, the green, the hugs of family, and great friends. That’s what keeps me going.


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