One Year-Old And Still Having Coffee …by Susan Lute

On June 22, 2011, See Jane Publish was launched. Here’s our very first post:

We’ve had a lot of discussions lately in writing dens across the country about the changing face of publishing. Should we print pub, e-pub, or hop on board the newest train, self-pub (sometimes called indie pub)? Or, is the best business model some combination of the three?

We’re here to find out. We three ‘Janes’ – Kim, Nancy and I – are three intrepid authors, ready to step into the unknown. We’re embarking on a journey to publication, whatever that may look like. Along the way, we invite you to join us. Each of us has very distinct areas of interest. Kim knows the industry, agents and editors. Nancy, the craft. I’m the ‘cheerleader’.

Over the next few months, we’ll be adding segments to this blog that will encourage – we hope – two way communication, from us to you, and from you, our fellow authors and readers, to us. Coming down the pike: Guest Bloggers, Crazy Hair Friday, New On The Bookshelf, What We’re Reading, and much more.

Join us. Sit for a spell. Tell us what you’re thinking. And we’ll share with you our bumpy journey, with some value added extras for good measure.”

I Remember those early days of planning. Some ideas worked out, some didn’t. We are still the three ‘Janes’, Kim, Nancy, and Susan. And we have a Friday Hijacker, Darla. No Crazy Hair Fridays. We just ran out of writing time.

So what’s changed over the last year? All three of us have full-time, nine-to-five type jobs. While this may have changed the face of our writing time, we’re still writing. And being an overachiever, Kim has hung out her editor shingle.

As I’ve backed off the frantic publishing train, searching for a more reasonable attitude about the state of publishing, I can see the publishing world itself is settling into its own panties better. Traditional publishing has NOT gone away as has been predicted. In fact, while Legacy publishers are still rumbling through mid-life crisis, and the publishing slots are fewer, they are on the web and at conferences looking for that next best seller. As always sometimes they get lucky. Sometimes they don’t. And now Amazon is growing it’s own publishing house.

Epublishers are growing and adapting. Entangled Publishing is a prime example of paying decent royalties to its authors, while print and epublishing a title simultaneously. And self-publishing, the newest girlfriend on the block has produced many stars in the last year, proving that traditionally employed editors don’t always get it right (and to be fair, they are the first to admit they’ve all rejected a book that went on to be best sellers), and sometimes they do get it right, as many well written ebooks languish, not hitting the market at the right moment, or with the right splash.

What does this mean to all of us who are on this journey together? I’ve honestly come to believe it’s as much about the community we’re making with each other as it is writing the best story we can. Do we love writing the books? Yes! Do you love reading them? We hope so.

<Hoisting my coffee cup – all right, it’s tea, English style, with cream and sugar> Here’s to another year of See Jane Publish. My goal? Write the best book I can, two or maybe three even. Publish them. Pull together a See Jane Publish street team, not to just get the word out about our books, but for other authors and bloggers who are building communities like ours. If you find a new author who blows your socks off, let us know. Let’s get the word out for them.

Stay with us. See where we – and the publishing world – go from here. And for today, tell us what’s the most important thing you’ve learned about your journey this year?

PS. After today, my posts will be shifting to Monday, that most challenging day of the week, when most of us head back to the day job.


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Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Sorry to chime in late; I was on vacation. Happy Blog-o-versary!!!


  2. A year? It’s been a year? When did that happen? Where did the time go? Where have I been? What an amazing year! It has been such a blessing to share my journey not only with Nancy and Su but See Jane Publish’s readers and friends. We’ve given but we’ve certainly received as much from all the comments. Thanks for taking the ride with us!


  3. Happy Anniversary! It’s been a great year, and I’m proud of all of you! You’ve made a great community, and it’s growing daily. Hey, I just realized that I high-jacked SJP one year to the day that your blog started, LOL! A happy coincidence 🙂


  4. Gina Fluharty

    Yay Janes!!!


  5. I love this blog and I’m so happy to see it continue. Congratulations on making it a year. Monday’s are a difficult day to post, so I raise a glass of good northwest brew to you, Susan.


    • Thanks everyone, and also to my talented fellow ‘Janes’.

      Maggie, I’ll still write the post on Sunday – that seems very organized to me – but I’ll have it in your mail boxes in the VERY wee hours of Monday morning, so it’s there for morning coffee or tea, just like an old fashioned newspaper. Won’t that be fun .


  6. See Jane Publish has become a necessary part of my morning web cruise. Thank you so much for creating an amazing space for everyone to learn and share.


  7. This is me hoisting my baileys and cream right back at you. Love you both.


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