Olympic Fever…. by Nancy Brophy

I am giddy with excitement. The summer Olympic games are here.

Some sports that I truly enjoy will be broadcast 24/7 on the screen. Diving, gymnastics, swimming,

Of course, there are sports, that like many of you I might question is this really an Olympic event, such as badminton, table tennis, beach volleyball, and dressage. Not to besmirch any Olympians, I am sure they have practiced long and hard for their moment in the London fog. But some of the events beg the question why not horse shoes or darts? Battling bottle rockets at twenty paces would be a crowd pleaser and give the emergency medical team a prominent role.

The games are a time of trial, of winners and losers, of frustration and victory. Your dreams and hard work can be dashed in a 100th of a second. Fate can deal an ugly hand. Some times one can overcome a twisted ankle and some times not. We all remember the classic Luge incident where a cauliflower ear caught fire. The Eastern block judges were unnecessarily harsh. One going so far as to make his own handwritten score card with a half-point.

The pageantry of the opening ceremonies was spectacular, if occasionally confusing. Who knew Her Majesty could jump from a helicopter, parachute, and drop, tuck and roll in a pink frock and hat?

The parade of Olympians with their beaming smiles and festive costumes – even from countries that had never medaled – swelled our hearts with pride. And I learned the names of nations, previous unknown. South Leuwichiranstan had five people marching, but they may have been a tour group gone astray.

Imagine the culture shock of trading home cooked meals for the finest of English cuisine. Spotted dick, anyone? Bangers and mash? Toad in a hole? Surviving two weeks of those meals should be an Olympic event. Can’t wait to see the finalists for the Bubble and Squeak off the 10-meter board.

And back-story is interwoven through out the commentary. Every third Olympian has a history we need to hear.  Although many are similar.

“I worked like a dog to get here,” panted Rusty.

“My mother sold a kidney so we could afford to send me.”

“I haven’t had a date in ten years.”

“I’m dedicating this win to my sister in an iron lung.”

“I’m hoping for as many endorsements as Michael Phelps.”

Even though the Soviet block fell and we owe Asia a bundle of money, we still have medal envy with Russia and China. Everyone went to London looking for success. Over the next two weeks we’ll see who rises to the podium, who chokes and who falls apart.

But I know this much. Each of those athletes has put their heart and soul into being there and whether they win or lose isn’t really what they will take away from the event Unlike so many of us, they have put their all on the line for the entire world to see. Anyone who can do that is already a winner.

And I will be watching from the recliner in my living room with my dogs, PB and J strung across my lap, cheering them on.


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  1. Having never won a match or medal in any sport, I say keep the badminton and beach volleyball! Playing those sports is much harder than it looks!


  2. I love to watch gymnastics but I’m not so sure about the beach volleyball, especially with the “suits” or “uniforms” of the U.S. team.


  3. Come on! Queen Elizabeth was escorted by James Bond – That makes England cool 🙂


  4. I also love the Olympics. But I am trying to limit my TV time by using the DVR a lot. In that way I can skip commercials, all of those “special moments” of biography you mentioned and go straight to the competitions I love.

    I think somewhere deep inside I always figured I was an Olympic Athlete. In what? Track and Field for Summer and, of course, Ice Skating for winter. You may wonder about all the prep and planning for these events I’ve been doing for years. In the same place as my dreams of being an astronaut, a movie star, and a professional jazz dancer–all things I tried to be at various times of my life (however short the try). I’m sure I’m doing each of these things in a parallel universe somewhere–where I had the stick-to-it-iveness to do it. 🙂


  5. Gina Fluharty

    I don’t need to watch the Olympics this year. I’m following Samuel L. Jackson on Twitter and he’s tweeting the hell out of them in his iconic fashion.


  6. I can’t keep away from the TV. It’s so addictive. i love the Olympics. 🙂


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