But Wait… There’s More… by Nancy Brophy

I always loved Garrison Keillor’s opening line. “It’s been a quiet week in Lake Woebegone.” The listener settles back and unwinds as he creates a story about the fictional town of Lake Woebegone where bachelor Norwegian farmers reside. Over the years we learned of the perils of being raised Lutheran, and can visualize the local hotspots like Ralph’s Pretty Good Grocery and The Chatterbox Café.

My life has not been quiet. And all the time-saving devices like the dishwasher and the computer mean I work harder than ever. My friend, Linda Kearney said she marveled at how busy my life is. (I don’t think there was an ounce of envy in her marveling).

If you want something done, the old adage is ‘give it to a busy person’. And it is true I get more done when I’m overwhelmed than when I’m not.

But the sense of accomplishment at completing the task has its own gratification. Last week I wrote the words ‘the end’ on my new manuscript. Team Daniels, Book I – What The Blind Woman Saw. Now it is in the hands of others, who are not nearly so slack about letting me get away with fragments and passive voice. Their red pens are twitching and my written word will bleed all over the page.

Linda Mercury and I debated the merits being published by an editor demanding the author meet a deadline verses being self-published on the whenever-you-want time line.  Linda is pushing to get her third book finished while I haven’t put anything out for almost a year.  I’m glad to be ending the drought brought about by my own inability to prioritize my schedule.

In a delusional moment last Christmas, four friends and I decided to publish an anthology entitled – The Girl Most Likely To… It is a high school reunion story of five thirty year old women who have come to a cross roads in their lives. All the stories are finished. We are chosen a cover and are in final edits.

These covers are done by Gilded Hearts Design. Leave me a note on which cover you suggest I use.


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  1. I’m with Maggie on this. The bare chested man has more appeal because of his markings and placement on the cover to draw the eye. What I don’t like is the fonts and would prefer the title to be all in the same font. To me, the italics and cursive font are a big turn off. How would I share this? “What the blind WOOMMAAN saw?” As opposed to the blind handbag?


  2. Thank you Linda!


  3. Garrison Keillor is the host of a radio show called The :Prairie Home Companion.

    I *loathe* it.

    *spends a few moments contemplating how very much I loathe it*

    And now, back to work!


  4. Congrats on getting your book done! Re: Covers. As much as I generally dislike the bare-chested man covers so popular today, I have to admit that in this instance I like that one better than the woman cover. However, for me, the most striking part of the cover is the floor–gorgeous! And of course your name on it. 🙂


  5. Ignoring the fact that I’m behind in my edits for my portion of the Girl Most Likely Story but… what’s the Garrison Keillor reference? a book, tv show, movie?


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