Romance, Julie & Julia, And Other Things …by Susan Lute

I’m watching Julie & Julia. Yes. For the second time. Which is nothing compared to the uncountable times I’ve watched The Holiday, the new version with Jude Law, who is too yummy for words. Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci play the loveliest couple, Julia Child and her husband, Paul, the romance every romance writer wants to write.

I just got back from the second child’s wedding. It was in Montana. We flew out Friday. Came back today. It was lovely. Oregon is prettier country, but seeing the groom kiss the bride, totally committing his heart to his new wife, she accepting, and taking his heart into her gentle care, then watching them dance their first dance together as Mr. and Mrs, made me remember why I write romance. Solely for the opportunity of following a couple’s rocky road to happy-ever-after.

A man and a woman coming together to share their lives is a feat of valor. In my eyes, anyway. Julie & Julia is really the story of three romances. Julie and Eric. Julia and Paul. And Julie and Julia’s love for cooking and food. Its backdrop is the modern day relationship between Julie and her mother. All these threads are deftly interwoven into a marvelous movie. If only our books would come together with the same depth, commitment, and passion.

I got my first one star rating on Amazon today. That always gives you a punch in the gut. But the truth is it happens to the very best authors, so after five minutes, I pulled up my big girl panties and moved on. As promised here are the stats for Jane’s Long March Home’s recent journey. While offered free on Amazon for five days, Jane reached number 11 on the Top 100 Free Contemporary Romance list. Three days later it boomeranged to rank number 2104 on the Paid Kindle list. It’s slipped a little now in ranking, but this has been an exciting nine days. My conclusion? Every author should give Amazon’s KDP program a try. Just for the experience. It’s invaluable. More than that, it makes me want to write more.

So Julie & Julia is nearly over. She’s opening a package from her editor. It’s a copy of her new book, Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. In Montana a lovely couple has gotten married. In Oregon an author sits at her computer with a renewed zest for the written word.

What book or movie has inspired you this week? Have you tried one of the USA Today Top 100 books?


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  1. Weddings are one of my favorite events to attend. Congratulations to you and the newlyweds. I also really enjoyed Julie and Julia and can understand why you would watch it more than once.

    As for the one star review, my thoughts on that are twofold: 1) To create any extreme reaction (love or hate of our work) is a good thing. It means it was emotional; and 2) There is no book that works for every reader. If the majority of reviews are good, take that as the statement on your book.

    There are several NYT books on the list that I don’t personally care for (due to topic, writing style, and/or genre). I can honestly say I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Jane’s Long March Home. It’s well-written and it punched me in the gut in an emotional and intelligent way. I hope all those machinations on Amazon yielded good money for you. You deserve it.


  2. I love that movie….
    I can’t wait to see wedding photos….
    This week, I read Jessa Slade’s Dark Hunter Touch. Not on the top 100 list but her writing should put her there one day. (


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