Retreating to Write … by Darla Luke

Beautiful Silverton Inn & Suites

This weekend I’m retreating to picturesque Silverton, Oregon to focus on writing.

Normally I’d have lofty goals like towering page counts, or mammoth word counts. But this weekend is about getting back to writing … and editing. I have a story to polish to a brilliant shine so it can be included in an anthology. It’s been read for content and edited until it bled red ink (see blog post The River Runs Red).

It’s been a long summer drought writing-wise, while I watched my only son fall in love and marry a wonderful woman, welcomed four grandchildren into our already busy life (I don’t believe in “step” anything, especially a child!) and started the remodel of a 100+ year-old farmhouse we inherited last summer. There’s still a lot of cleaning out to do. Eventually everything in the house will have to be replaced, but for now, we’re starting on the electricity. Next will be siding and insulation. Then it will be a new kitchen, and remodeled bathroom. Yeah, it’s going to be a long process (much like the editing of a manuscript, LOL!).

Our daughter moved to a city 25 miles away and I don’t see her as often. I miss her daily. Texting is a poor replacement for seeing her beautiful face in person.

The perfect place for writing!

So today Susan Lute and I are retreating from our day jobs and family to wallow in the world of being a full time writer for two-and-a-half days. Nancy will be dropping in to help Susan crack the whip on me so I’ll get my story into shape for our anthology.

We’ll laugh our butts off, drink Bailey’s Irish Cream in our hot chocolate as a late night wind-down, and just be writers. It’ll be a little heaven on earth.

Sunday it will be back to the family and the real world. Until then … I lift my mug to all those intrepid writers who made the USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books list through the week ending Sunday 9-23-12*:

Taking Chances by Molly McAdams (Amazon Digital Services). This week #39 (last week #23) $1.99

His Every Touch by Kelly Favor (B&N PubIt!). This week #72 (last week, not on the list) $2.99

Nobody’s Perfect by Kallypso Masters (Amazon Digital Services). This week #115 (last week, not on the list) $3.99

Ceaseless by Abbi Glines (Amazon Digital Services). This week #128 (last week, not on the list) $3.99

Hard Mated by Jennifer Ashley (Amazon Digital Services). This week #141 (last week #134) $0.99

*I’m human and make mistakes (a shock to my friends, I’m sure!). If there’s a book on this week’s list that I missed, please let me know. If I misspelled/mistyped an author’s name or book title, I’m extremely sorry.

Darla Luke

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About Darla Luke

Darla Luke spent her childhood making up stories in her head, when she wasn't devouring every book she could get her hands on. If someone would have told her she'd be a writer when she grew up, she would have laughed herself silly. Now, writing is her passion, and she loves telling stories (especially ghost stories) and believes they all should have a happy ending.

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  1. Good for you, Darla! When Niece moved in with us a couple of years ago to go to college, we started referring to her as “our kid.” Not quite the same as your situation, but I do totally get wanting “kids” to feel included!! Hope you enjoyed your retreat!


  2. Waving Hi to you from Silverton 😛


  3. Oh, enjoy that retreat! I could use one of about 6 weeks 🙂 And congratulations on all the milestones in your life–good luck with the renovation!


    • Oh, yeah, I wish I could retreat for 6 weeks! Without the constant to-do’s – you know, laundry, food, cats & dogs that *think* they need fed, not to mention the day job – I’d have a manuscript (or more) completed. Nirvana!!


  4. Your weekend away sounds like heaven!

    Your comment about not believing in ‘step’ anything, especially children, resonated with me. congratulations on your four new grandchildren and your new daughter-in-law!


    • Thanks, Sarah! After I married my husband, and we moved to the family farm, I knew that calling my son a “step” anything would make him feel excluded instead of included, so we never allowed that designation to be used. Now that he’s a (step) dad, he sees the value in it 🙂


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