One Project Done – NaNoWriMo week 2 …by Susan Lute

I have less than thirty minutes to report in before I have to turn off this computer and start the day job. The story of my life, right?

Words written: enough to finish the tenth draft – okay, that’s exaggerated – this version of A Marine’s Christmas Proposal.

Reading? Not much. Read the Introduction of Alexandra Sokoloff’s Writing Love. I would have read more, but that was all the time I had.

Movies watched, cause you know I did. Two. Star Trek (the newest version) and Avatar. Both spectacular movies. One opens with a big sweeping scene that dares you not to come along for the ride. The second opens close in, an intimate scene introducing you immediately to our hero.

What else? Reached out to an agent. Got a wonderfully kind response. Reached out to the editor at Harlequin who has the proposal for Dragon’s Thief. I couldn’t help myself. Had to do the cover for A Marine’s Christmas Proposal. Reveal to come soon. Went to a writer’s meeting, Rose City Romance Writers. Had a play date with the goils in my family.

How did your week go? Anything special accomplished?


About Susan

Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Susan, You are amazing to be dong NanoWriMo and working FT. I can’t wait to see the cover of A Marine’s Christmas Present. Hang in there on Dragon’s Thief. You know it’s good. It just needs to find the right market. Keep us posted.


  2. Lovely breakfast with a wonderful friend and then onto one of the best meetings I’ve attended as a Rose. Submitted to three publishers and know I’ll either have a contract or go PRO. Feeling like it’s time to tie up the research and hit the keyboard. Congrats on NaNo! You’re my hero.


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