Editing and Remodeling … by Darla Luke

Farmhouse_South Side 9-24-11

“Before” pic

As daylight gets shorter, I thought I’d have plenty of time to research and just surf the internet looking for great stuff to tell you about. Hmm. Not so much.The day job takes a good portion of my day, then I rush home to eat dinner, and then go over to work on the house remodel we started a couple of months ago.

We plan on moving in by the end of April 2013. I can hear Nancy laughing from 70 miles away … she completely redid her house a couple of years ago after a fire in her basement, and can tell you that nothing goes as planned. Nothing. But, notice I didn’t say we would be done with the remodel, just moved in, LOL!

The house was built in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s, has been remodeled several times and even the most necessary maintenance neglected for over the last 50 years. It is rough to say the least. Really, the only thing it has going for it at this point is the history. My husband grew up in this house, like his mom and grampa before him.

Farmhouse_South side 11-4-12

“After” the south side of the house was fixed. Not complete yet, but getting there!

Like editing the first draft of a novel, remodeling a house takes planning and a lot of ‘If I take this away, it affects this other part.’ Holes in the plot need patching, motivation needs propped up and eventually shored up, then fixed permanently. Removing one sentence impacts the ending, so that needs smoothed, sanded, painted.

I’ll probably never think either project is completely finished (yes, I’m a perfectionist), but looking back, I can see the progress. And it really IS worth it.

Here are the self-published books that reached the USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books list through the week ending Sunday 11-25-12*:

All In by Raine Miller (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #33 (last week #16) $2.99

Naked by Raine Miller (Self-published via PubIt!). This week #41 (last week #29) $2.99

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #51 (last week #27) $0.99

Fade Into You by Kate Dawes (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #79 (last week #65) $0.99

Fade Into Me by Kate Dawes (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #110 (last week #86) $0.99

Devoured by Emily Snow (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #115 (last week, not on the list) $2.99

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #124 (last week #96) $3.99

Checkmate by R.L. Mathewson (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #135 (last week #95) $2.99

*I’m human and make mistakes (a shock to my friends, I’m sure!). If there’s a book on this week’s list that I missed, please let me know. If I misspelled/mistyped an author’s name or book title, I’m extremely sorry.

Darla Luke

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About Darla Luke

Darla Luke spent her childhood making up stories in her head, when she wasn't devouring every book she could get her hands on. If someone would have told her she'd be a writer when she grew up, she would have laughed herself silly. Now, writing is her passion, and she loves telling stories (especially ghost stories) and believes they all should have a happy ending.

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  1. I feel for you. We built our house on Mt. Hood when we first moved to Oregon. Actually a contractor built it but we (meaning mostly my husband) did a lot of work too. We moved in as soon as we could get an occupancy permit because we couldn’t afford to pay the rent on one place while the almost entire loan amount of the building was also due each month. Like you, we moved in early Spring (I think it was April) with lots of snow on the ground. We had bathrooms, a kitchen and bedrooms, and heated with a wood stove. Now flooring except plywood. No interior doors. No finish carpentry at all for windows, doors, etc. It was another six months until we were “finished.”

    But I saw it as an adventure. In spite of the pain-in-the-butt of waking to carpenters in our house as I got up to get ready for work, it was still worth it and the only way we could have afforded to complete it. Yes it costs more than you think and it takes longer than you think, but…it’s worth it. I think this is especially true when you have a place with so much history and family love behind it like yours. So, hang in there. I’m pulling for you.


    • Magge – I can’t imagine waking up to contractors in the house! We’re lucky enough to own the place we’re living now, but my son & his new family want to move to the farm, so we’re motivated to get moved as soon as possible.


  2. Sweetie – It may laughter you think you hear from 70 miles away, but in truth my heart is right there with you.


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