Step Away From The Computer – NaNoWriMo 4.5 …by Susan Lute

Marines Christmas Proposal v2This will be my last post on NaNoWriMo 2012, and even though I know you’ll be very glad about that, I wanted to bring this string of posts full circle.

On November 27, 2012 at 7:14am I called NaNo done. I started massive overtime at the day job and for my sanity had to say, enough. But there is a silver lining in all things and though I didn’t “do” NaNo as it is intended to be done, I learned a lot from my first year of attempting a full (almost) month of serious writing.

…I CAN write every day until I write THE END. Okay, I already knew that, but with all the changes in my household, I needed a reminder.

…you know that saying, be one with the ball? I learned NOT to be one with the day job. Be one with Zumba. Be one with a good cup of coffee. Be one with the holiday season. Above all find bliss. I expect it’ll be hard at first, but as the months march along, I also expect it’ll become as easy as eating apple pie.

…having more on the plate only makes me more determined to publish my stories. Repeat after me…for that thingDragons Thief v17.2_warmify that’s most important to you…we WILL NOT surrender.

…oh, and there’s one more thing. When you sincerely ask for something, silently or out loud, it will come to you. As the weeks progressed during NaNo, and I was getting ready to publish A Marine’s Christmas Proposal AND Dragon’s Thief – in tandem, I could clearly see a need for an awesome marketing plan. Out of the blue, our very own Jessie Smith presented a fantastic marketing idea. More to come on that later. In the meantime…drum roll please…be the first <wink> to see the new covers.

Next week I hope to be able to say they’re for sale at your favorite ebook retailer. If you’re an impatient sort like me, you can purchase both at Smashwords now.

PS. For those of you who were so supportive during NaNoWriMo 2012, thank you! For those who participated with me, what did you learn? And if you didn’t participate, what did you read (lucky dogs you)?


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  1. Maggie Jaimeson

    First, congrats for even participating in Nano with everything going on in your life, work, and house. You are amazing! Second, I LOVE both covers. Is the Christmas one a novella? What are planned release dates on each? I want them NOW! 🙂

    I chose not to participate in Nano because I was pushing to finish Chameleon by October 30 (which I did) and knew I would need a couple weeks of no real writing before I could go back to it. I’m glad I did as I was also immersed in pushing Healing Notes during the first couple weeks of November. On the other hand, as I hear about the word counts people accomplished (most reporting 30-50K), I must admit to great envy. Ah well, I’ll just have to do my own Nano–maybe January?


    • Thanks, Maggie 🙂 A Marine’s Christmas Proposal is a short story, which is how it tip-toed into my schedule, me thinking…this won’t take long, har har. Everything’s ready to go. I’m just waiting for the final docs. Fingers crossed they’ll be done this week.

      Sometimes it’s just as wise not to do something as it is to do something. Looks like we both had win-wins in November. If you want to do a NaNo-like writing sprint in January, I’ll do it with you. I have marketing of the new stories lined up for then, but I can handle that in the evening. I would love to keep up the writing momentum in the morning…speaking of which…I’d better get to it.


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