Guest Author Interview: R J Hore by Cassie Knight

Today, we have another guest author interview from a Champagne Book Group author, a bunch of talented storytellers in a wide range of genres. Please join me in welcoming R J Hore to See Jane Publish! We are glad to have you hear, RJ! Welcome!

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATell us about your publishing journey.

Seems like it took forever. My business life involved a lot of non-fiction, but fiction is where the heart lies. In 2005 our writer’s workshop self-published an anthology, “Pieces of Eight”. I had two short stories in that, and a poem. Had a print run of 100 copies, but that doesn’t really count.

In 2006 I won first prize in an International Short story contest held by the Canadian Authors Association connected with their national conference that year. Came out in an anthology connected with the conference … and that was it.  

In 2010 had a short story picked up for a collection of modern vampire tales entitled “Evolve.” Attended the book launch and signing at the World Horror Convention in Brighton England.

In May of 2011 met J. Ellen Smith at KeyCon in Winnipeg and here I am! “The Dark Lady” came out as an ebook in February 2012 and was launched in print at KeyCon 2012. Later in 2011 the Housetrap was picked up (due out December 3rd 2012!) and it is now a four novella (so far!) series under the package: “The Housetrap Chronicles.” In 2013 I have four more novellas and a full length novel coming out with Champagne/BURST.   housetrap_ecover_(1)

Funniest thing related to publishing and the most exciting.

I don’t know whether this falls under funniest or most challenging… my first meeting with J Ellen. I had registered at the KeyCon conference to meet with a few editors. The idea was each participant would prepare a package: three chapters, synopsis, cover letter, writing bio etc, and drop them off on Friday. The editors would look at them on Saturday, then on Sunday we would have 15 minutes with each of them to review the package. I sat down opposite Ellen and she just said, “I didn’t read it … pitch it to me.” Thinking on my feet…I did, dumped anything I had mentally prepared, and ended up pitching two manuscripts instead of one, The Dark Lady and the Housetrap, but for a minute or so my brain was in serious scramble mode.

The most exciting … other than the email saying “here is a contract, we’d like to publish etc.”

Probably the trip to Brighton England, sitting down in a room with a dozen authors, most of whom were actually famous (Kelly Armstrong, Sandra Kasturi etc.) drinking Vampire Wine and signing books in a crowd. (Cover by Tanith Lee’s husband) and we had to wait for Neil Gaiman to leave so we could take over the room. And I wasn’t the writer who spilled their wine!

Most challenging thing related to publishing?

Other than my first meeting with Ellen Smith … or just getting published, period? Probably an open pitch session where I sat down opposite one of the most famous editors in England and her first question had to do with my background to do with the research on my novel. Think I aced it, but she still didn’t publish me (probably because she went off and started her own company shortly after?) or the meeting with an agent at the same session where we got into a lengthy discussion on the marketability of the genre I was promoting (a what-if novel) that continued for a couple of emails when I returned to Canada.

Favorite Author and what currently reading?

I also review genre novels for an on-line magazine, so some months I do a lot of reading of things I normally would not see. Favorites would include George R.R. Martin (Game of Thrones series) or Guy Gavriel Kay (eg. Ysabel or Under Heaven) … currently re-reading A Dance With Dragons (Martin).

www.champagnebooks.comIf The Dark Lady was made into a movie, who would play the hero and heroine?

I pooled some of my readers. Two suggestions for the heroine, a feisty age 12 in Dark Lady, were a young Kristen Stewart or Natalie Portman. I think I’d go with Portman as my first choice. Not really a standout hero in Dark Lady (wait for the sequel!) but plenty of villains. My choice for the main villain Medieval tower with agitated coast and big rockswould be a young Jude Law.

You can find Ronald online at: for the website and for my author facebook page.


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  1. Hmph. Well I didn’t read it! The conference people forgot to give me my package of submissions, so I had to wing it too. Besides, it’s way more fun to hear the author’s enthusiasm for their work, than reading a bunch of prepared pages. I can do that anytime. Live and in person is more gooder (grins).



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