Happy Holidays from local Romance Authors


Six years ago, I took shaky steps through the door of my 1st meeting, where I had to introduce myself to a packed room. No, I didn’t say, “I’m Jessie and I’m an alcoholic.” I said, “I’m Jessie and I want to write a romance novel. About vampires. Who don’t glitter.” With an addiction to happily ever after novels, my journey started by joining the national RWA and then my local chapter, the Rose City Romance Writers (RCRW).

I have two distinct memories from that meeting. First, it took me about ten seconds to spot Stephanie Rowe. From that point on, my internal thought, Holy Crap, I have all your books, drowned out the speaker’s presentation. Also, the first person to greet me was named Jessica, which I took as good sign. Today I have four of her books in my collection, after she dropped two of her letters to become the one and only Jessa Slade.

Personally, I have yet to be published but I have always considered myself lucky to be in such excellent company. So after many RCRW Holiday parties later, I have an entire bookshelf dedicated to my friends who achieved their publishing dream. And on behalf of this chapter, a mixture of authors you know and aspiring authors who are polishing their pages to be on your bookshelf someday soon, I want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays with this video carol. Youtube Video Clip Please don’t judge our novels based on our singing abilities.

2012 have been a great year for many members. If you get an Amazon gift card in your stocking, here are some suggestions to add to your shopping cart–

See Jane Publish Authors

Nancy Brophy

Cassiel Knight

Susan Lute

New Releases from my RCRW Chapter Members with Unsanctioned Endorsements

(Alphabetic Order)

Lynda Aicher
Book Title:  Bonds of Trust

Jessie: There is more to Erotica than 50 Shades of Grey.

Jamie Brazil

Book Title: Prince Charming, Inc.

Jessie: William might be off the market but Henry still likes to party.

Jenna Bayley-Burke
Book Title: Caribbean Christmas

Jessie: Forget a white Christmas, I want to be the woman on this book cover.

Cathryn Cade

Book Title: Blooming in the Wild

Jessie: Especially in this economy, reading her series is cheaper than going to Hawaii.

Genie Gabriel


Jessie: The bodyguard… worked for Heidi Klum.

Maggie Jaimeson

Book Title: Expendable

Jessie: Not to be confused with the Expendables (movie), no aging action stars will appear on these pages.

Delilah Marvelle
Book Title: Forever a Lord
Jessie: Have you seen her book trailer? She cast her very own husband to play the sexy hero.

Linda Mercury

Book Title: Dracula’s Secret

Jessie: Ha, Ha. I know the secret.

Terri Reed

Book Title: The Doctor’s Defender

Jessie: Move over Meredith Grey.

Jessa Slade
Book Title: The Darkest Night (A Marked Souls Christmas Novella)

Jessie: Not your grandma’s kind of Christmas story, unless she was the kind of woman who never missed an episode of Dark Shadows.

Happy Holidays and Happy Reading!

From Jessie, the grown woman wearing the Santa hat

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  1. Jessie, you are a breath of fresh air and enthusiasm! I appreciate all you do for the Roses and I am dying for you to get your own book published. Your imagination soars and your heart is gold. That combination makes for the very best authors.


  2. Have a wonderful holiday season! And Jessie, now I know what to do with those Holiday gift cards! The Roses Rock!!!


  3. What she said 🙂
    Merry Christmas Su


  4. It has been one of my greatest joys making friends with the Roses. When your chin is dragging on the ground or when you’re dancing high, you couldn’t ask for a better family. Merry, merry everyone!


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