Resolution Tour 2013: Chasing Your Bliss–and Catching it! …posted by Susan Lute

art-resolve2013My 2013 Resolution is – Reduce Stress: Find and Follow Your Bliss…a worthy goal in my effort to work less and play more. To help with this resolve, my first author friend to join me at See Jane Publish and help kick off the Resolution Tour is Cathryn Cade. Cathryn writes fantastic red hot sci fi romance, and has a new series set in the island paradise of Hawaii. She also writes a great column for Night Owl Reviews. Looking for a new author to love? Check out The Romance Zone. Now I turn it over to Cathryn.

Chasing Your Bliss–and Catching it!

Cathryn Cade: Hawaiian Heroes III; Blooming in the WildCathryn Cade

We first joined a gym when our boys were old enough to enjoy playing basketball. The Y in Cheyenne, WY had basketball for all ages. Notice that I didn’t join for myself. Sad, I know. I have gotten better at doing things for myself since then.

However, once I got inside, I noticed the Y also had an adult fitness area. I wasn’t happy with the flab I’d kept on my formerly tall, slender frame since bearing two children. I started wandering into the weight room while the boys shot baskets. I got some pointers from the other people. My husband bought a book on weight training, and another on resistance training. I learned a bit more.

We moved to Coeur d’Alene, ID. The first thing I did once we were settled was join a gym. You see, I was hooked. Every other day sessions of 30 minutes on a bicycle, treadmill or elliptical to get my blood pumping, and then another hour on the weight machines, free weights and stretch on the mats – this had become my drug of choice.

When I exercise, not only am I building muscle and burning fat, movement is sending my best friend pumping through my bloodstream—endorphins.

Want a shot of bliss without the hangover or calories? Got a bad case of the grumpies? The rainy day blues? Cabin fever? Stuck creatively? Get moving!

Go run, walk as fast as I can for a while, get on my bike or stationary bike. Pump some weights, do some resistance exercises. I am guaranteed, the endorphins will dance through my bloodstream, the blockage in my brain will fall, and I’ll find myself back in my happy, creative place.

Of course the effect wanes, so rinse, lather, repeat. And there is a special magic in getting out in the fresh air, so walks are a necessity. In fact I try to walk every day, but we all know life ain’t perfect, sistah, so that doesn’t always happen.

But I give myself permission not to be perfect. Just wanna keep stress at bay, and be able to follow my bliss. I need exercise to get there. How about you? Leave a comment!

Happy New Year,

Cathryn Cade

… red hot romance!

You can find Cathryn at Goodreads, her Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Samhain Author Page, Sign up for her Newsletter for a chance to win goodies! And don’t forget to support your local authors by becoming a “fan” on Goodreads.


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  1. I love my treadmill. I can read my Kindle while walking my 45 minutes a day.



  2. Happy New Year Cathryn and Susan!

    Moving definitely helps keep my stress level under control. I look forward to both my Cross Fit WODs at the box (translation: workout of the day at the gym), as well as dance classes (quad step aerobics) at another gym. Some days, it seems like I need to move all day, though! Sigh. . ..


  3. I think endorphins are an urban myth 🙂


  4. I know, intellectually, that exercise and endorphins can bring me happiness. But the motivation to get up and do so is sorely lacking. I bought myself a set of Zumba DVDs (to arrive Jan. 4th). I love to dance, so I’m hoping the combination of latin rhythms and moving with Zumba will provide me daily endorphins.


  5. Having a dog definitely helps get me out of my chair. She just sits behind me and stares at the back of my head until I get up and go. Two walks a day, rain or shine (mostly rain) makes us both happier creatures.


  6. Cathryn, this is so true! If I’m feeling slow and sluggish from sitting at my desk writing and the words aren’t flowing I get up and go for a walk. That helps stir the blood and the words. Since in the winter I have chores morning and evening that gets me outside whether I want to go or not, but it is one of my forms of exercise. The other is walking or dance aerobics.


    • Paty,

      I was amazed this winter when I took a fairly complex writing class. I would take the materials & get on the exercise bike, & before I knew it the ideas were zinging thru my brain, of how to use the class material in my work. Great help!



  7. Cathryn, excellent advice. Exercise can be bliss. I’m a walker as well. It’s not just to work out, but often to “work out” story arcs or bits of dialogue that are not quite right. A walk clears the brain. But I’m thinking of stepping up my fitness game in the new year — maybe adding something of a challenge. Like martial arts?


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