Resolve 2013: Dissolve Your Stress With Paty Jager


…and The Tour Continues. Today Paty Jager is here to share her hints on how to dissolve our stress. Coincidentally I’m reading Eat Right 4 Your Type, a book she mentioned on Jenna Bayley-Burke’s blog, and the chapter on the stress and exercise connection. Please help me welcome Paty, a lovely woman who is living her dream.

Secrets of a Mayan Moon

My favorite stress reducer is saddling up my horse and heading out on a long ride. While rocking to the slow gait of my quarter horse, Bud, I can let the things that have me stressed go and remember the summers I spent on horseback wandering the mountain sides. There is something about spending time with a horse, enjoying the freedom of traveling where a vehicle can’t go, and hearing only the muffled thump of hoof beats and nature. Twitter of birds, whistle of the wind, chirp of the ground squirrels, the occasional yip of a coyote in pursuit of its dinner.

Another stress reliever for me when I don’t have the time or the weather to ride is to fill the bathtub, PJ Promo shotadd in a wonderful smelling bubble bath, and recline back with a good book. Taking this “me” time not only lets me unwind relieving the stress, it makes me more fun to be around. Stress takes a toll on everything in your life. Family, friends, work, and your health.

Find the thing that dissolves your stress and don’t just do it when you are at the max of your stress meter, do it when you feel the stress coming on and you may just see the thing that is stressing you in a different light.

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A note from Susan: The thing I like to do is walk the stress off. I haven’t been taking enough time to make that happen lately. Thank you Paty for reminding me. Today I’m posting with the wonderful Linda Mercury were we’re talking about creating and nurturing a creative life. Nice long walk, here I come!


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  1. Susan and Jamie, come get my dog before you go walking. I’ll be in the bubble bath instead!


  2. The movie was excellent! If you haven’t seen it and you like musicals you have to see Les Miserables.


  3. HI Maggie, My daughter who is currently exercising with me loves Zumba. I haven’t had the challenge of a Zumba class.

    Diana, walking and painting are great stress relievers! Hope the stress level lessons soon.


  4. Paty, you are always filled with wonderful advice. Horseback riding is not in the cards for me (living in the burbs of portland). However, exercise is. I’m having great fun with my zumba DVDs. Dancing and Latin rhythms just make me smile.


  5. Hi, Paty! For me the stress relief is in exercise. The mornings I go to the gym walk, ride the bike and do my exercise routine, I feel better. I’ve added a second walk in the late afternoons, as of the first of the year. I’m dealing with issues in my life in a calmer manner, and I am sleeping better at night. I also find hobbies especially painting reduces my stress level. I have to concentrate on what i am doing when I paint, it tends to block out the stress. Happy New Year!


  6. Su, we should walk together sometime!


  7. Su, Thanks for having me here today. I’m talking at a local writer’s group and then seeing a movie with my daughter so my comments will be hit and miss today.


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