Resolve 2013: Freak Out! With Jessa Slade

art-resolve2013I get a little freaked out when a new Jessa Slade novel goes on sale, cause I know hours of the most enjoyable reading are in my immediate future. Who knows what goes on in an author’s mind and heart when they’re crafting a story, especially a tall, willowy blond with Eeyore riding her back. Reduce stress? My advice – read Jessa Slade. Please help me welcome my good friend, Jessa.

Jessa Slade

The Darkest Night (A Marked Souls Christmas novella) 

My XY often says to me “You’re a twitchy little thing.” It’s true. I’m twitchy. I’m easily over-caffeinated, quick to catch a buzz, violently stimulated by action movies, and I talk too fast. All scientific evidence to the contrary, I really do believe I’m good at multi-tasking. At this very moment, I have my desktop, my netbook and my tablet all within arm’s reach should I need something more more more.

So the idea of reducing stress seems antithetical to me. I don’t like to be touched so massage is out. Monkey mind actually amuses me so I can’t meditate. When I burn candles, I spend most of my time poking at the hot wax. Relaxation is for wimps!

Until I crash. And then I remember, oh yeah, sometimes it’s good to bliss out! That is when I go for the hard-core stress dump.

1. Take one couch with at least three pillows and one fuzzy blanket.

2. Wrap self in layers of flannel.

3. Prepare one cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream and mini choco chips. (Side order of butter cookies optional.)

4. Open to chapter one of special book saved for just this occasion. I recommend anything by Nalini Jessa Slade2_nSingh (paranormal), Kristan Higgins (contemporary), or Courtney Milan (historical). Or anything by any of the fabulous authors participating in this Resolve 2013 blog tour 😉

5. Read cover to cover and only get up to refill the cocoa.

Do you save favorite books for hard times? What’s on your night table now? Please share in comments.

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Comment from Susan: Right now I’m reading Jim Butcher’s Grave Peril, and I just downloaded Paty Jager’s Secret Of A Mayan Moon, and Jessa’s A Little Night Muse. That should keep me quite blissful for awhile. Today I’ll be at Jenna Bayley-Burke’s Romantic Notions where the talk around the water cooler is all about eating healthier.

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  1. Jessa this is exactly what I do when I’m in a huge funk. It’s my way of wallowing for a day. I’m a big believer in the wallow every once in a while. But it is only allowed for 24 hours. Special thanks to all who are reading my stories. You are soooo sweet. Paty, since you wrote Secrets of a Mayan Moon which definitely goes big time bump in the night, and kept me awake with that human sacrifice scene, I think you could handle Jessa’s books without a problem.

    Personally, of the Marked Souls books I think the first one is the “lightest.” It is not a light, funny story at all. However, of the series it is the most light. To me they got progressively darker. In the first book, Seduced by Shadows, the love story between Ferris Archer and Sera Littlejohn is really strong. Even though they are demons, they are REPENTANT demons and in many ways more on the side of good than the angels. Anyway, I’d highly recommend it.

    I started with Jessa’s first book very hesitantly because I hate vampire books and demon books. But she definitely hooked me.


  2. #4 = Good one, 🙂

    I have many bookcases in my house but I have a “favorites” bookshelf, nearest an exit so there is a chance they could be rescued, in the case of a fire 🙂 These books include JR Rowling, Alexander McCall Smith, Charlaine Harris and J.R.R. Tolkien.


  3. Love your idea of blissing out, Jessa! However, I’d probably be fast asleep before I even opened a book. 🙂


  4. Your stress reliever sounds wonderful! I recently finished Maggie Jaimeson’s “Healing Notes” and enjoyed it. I thoroughly enjoyed Su’s “The Return of Benjamin Quincy.” And I recently finished Jenna Bayley-Burke’s hot tropical read, “Caribbean Christmas”. Jessa, which of your books would you say is the lightest? I’d like to read one of you books because I love your sense of humor and dedication to writing but I’m not a reader of dark stories or anything that goes bump in the night. I have enough demons of my own I don’t like to add to them.


    • Paty, I’d love for you to read my stories, but I’m afraid they all go bump in the night! The worst one for you to read would be the latest because it’s set on an Eastern Oregon ranch and there are monsters creeping around in the dark! Your cows would not appreciate me scaring you into not feeding them 🙂


    • Paty, you might like Jessa’s new series for Nocturne Cravings. They’re not as dark – I don’t think – as her Marked Souls series. I really enjoyed Dark Hunter’s Touch 😀


  5. Maggie Jaimeson’s latest is on my nightstand. I’m five chapters in and loving the story.


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