Resolve 2013: Jamie Brazil And Stress for Success with Less

art-resolve2013Jamie is one of those wonderful women who 
is easy on the soul. She's gentle, kind, and it 
is pure joy counting her as a friend. You learn 
a lot about an author by reading their work. 
If you haven't read The Mayan Sisterhood, you've missed a great treat. 
Help me welcome Jamie as she shares her thoughts on my resolve: Reduce 
stress...find and follow your bliss.

Jamie Brazil 

Prince Charming, Inc. 

My bliss is hidden behind closed doors. Closet doors.  

Whenever I feel stressed out, or the world seems out of my control, I head to
my closet.  Running my hands through a drawer full of cashmere, or angora 
blends, or colorful wool cable knits… these are the things that soothe me.  

Confidence can be had in my closet, too. In the form of great leather shoes or 
a statement handbag. Vintage or modern, it doesn’t matter. Great style is 
great style. I’m thinking of my 1940s era patent leather satchel embellished with 
huge bakelite knots.  So what if the bag has a few scratches? They add 
character to a purse that’s been around longer than I have. And there’s just 
something so fabulous about brandishing great accessories. 

In fact, my neighbor and I once had a conversation about how a new purse can 
make all the wrongs of the world right. Well, maybe not all. But there’s a 
certain mood-lifting, life-affirming power to a handbag. Even if it’s simply 
new-to-you, there’s a magical quality to finding that perfect bag.       

Sometimes, late at night, when I’m tossing and turning over some unsolvable 
problem, I flip through the latest J. Crew catalog. It’s the best sleep aid ever. 
I’m praying the pharmaceutical companies don’t catch on and make J. Crew 
catalogs available by prescription only.  

Though dresses, sweaters and handbags, not even a peep-toe pair of platform 
pumps, can actually solve whatever problem I’m stewing over, there’s comfort 
in my clothes choices.  My wardrobe is my past, present, and even my future.  
And I’ll take clothes over sedatives any day!Elaura@Flamingo    

Unfortunately, my ocean of calm has also 
become a source of growing anxiety. My 
tipping point came last summer. Sometimes 
too much is just too much. In order to 
reduce stress, and improve the overall 
quality of my life, the fashion stockpiles 
must be reduced. So here’s hoping the next 
owner(s) appreciate the melding of patent 
leather and bakelite knots as much as I do! 

You can find me at my website, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Note from Susan: I am always on the lookout for the perfect purse and 
backpack. And it is very soothing to prowl the stores searching. Note 
to self: must prowl today! In the meantime I'll be at Cathyrn Cade's 
blog talking about her resolution to take time for other creative passions.

About Susan

Author, wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, dreamer.

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  1. Even though I never will be a fashionista, I have to admit that certain items can give me a lift: the right blouse, the perfect jacket, a comfortable but stylish shoe. However, I can’t say that going through my closet solves any problems. Maybe if I hang out with you long enough it will. 🙂


  2. I need new additions to my closet 🙂


  3. Jamie, I agree, there is a certain power when you are well dressed or sporting the perfect accessory. I love my purse that I bought on sale at an interpretive center in the middle of nowhere. I get more compliments on it than any purse I’ve ever had. Just hiking the strap up onto my shoulder gives me confidence. And the bonus it shows that I like Native American things.(branding)


  4. Su, thanks for the kind words and for hosting me today. Let’s talk handbags one of these days!


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