Do You Have a Reading Addiction? … by Darla Luke

It’s never been a secret that people read more in the winter season than any another, but I went to my account at B&N to see how many books I’ve read in the past six months. It was quite the revelation! Thirty books. In six months. If my math is correct, that’s almost a book a week (.08, to be exact, but I like rounding up).

Breaking it down … six books were a series I discovered earlier this month (October Daye series by Seanan McGuire – I recommend them, if you like Fantasy with a sprinkling of romance), four were another series I started, but have moved on. Several books were new offerings in series’ I started a long time and hunted down my fav authors to find them. There are several books from author friends, I always try to support them :-).

So … yes, this is my confession: I have a reading addition. No, I’m not looking for a group to get me over it, LOL! There’s nothing better than reading a well-written book to take me away to another world for a few hours.

What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it to a fellow (reading) addict? Tell me … I just might find another favorite author!

There are seven self-published books that reached the USA Today Top 150 Best-Selling Books list through the week ending Sunday 1-6-13*:

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover ((Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #2 (last week, not on the list) $3.99

The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #48 (last week #85) $0.99

The Perfect Game by J. Sterling (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #122 (last week, not on the list) $3.99

Down to You by M. Leighton (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #52 (last week #136) $3.99

The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #60 (last week #54) $2.99

Wish List by Sylvia Day (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #67 (last week #66) $2.99

Up to Me by M. Leighton (Self-published via Amazon Digital Services). This week #129 (last week, not on the list) $3.99


*I’m human and make mistakes (a shock to my friends, I’m sure!). If there’s a book on this week’s list that I missed, please let me know. If I misspelled/mistyped an author’s name or book title, I’m extremely sorry.

Darla Luke

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About Darla Luke

Darla Luke spent her childhood making up stories in her head, when she wasn't devouring every book she could get her hands on. If someone would have told her she'd be a writer when she grew up, she would have laughed herself silly. Now, writing is her passion, and she loves telling stories (especially ghost stories) and believes they all should have a happy ending.

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  1. I definitely have a reading addiction and proud of it. 🙂 I read about 100 books a year and my e-reader is overflowing. That is an average of 2 books a week. Not sure if I’ll keep that up this year, but maybe.

    Lately I’ve been reading self-pub books for Goddess Fish tours I host. Though each of the books had good premises and some interesting characters, they all had similar flaws in my opinion. That is they all did way too much telling. They all had huge sections that could have been cut. And sometimes the dialog was of the “You know Maggie, when I told you about …” type. Maybe I’m too picky because I’m a writer. I really exhort anyone self-pubbing to get your books read by people who know how to analyze it for story development. All of these books were “edited” in that they didn’t have grammar problems or sentence-by-sentence prose problems. The problem was in the execution of the story, the pacing, the tension, and what to leave out or where to develop more. Not that I’m perfect. I have my self pub books read by at least two published authors whose writing I think is excellent, and copy edited by a professional editor who also makes the occasional developmental suggestion. It all makes a difference.

    That said, there are several books I’ve read in the past six months I can definitely recommend: Secrets of a Mayan Moon by Paty Jager (adventure/suspense/romance); Barefoot in the Sand by Roxanne St. Claire (Contemporary); Crewel (YA Fantasy) by Gennifer Albin; and Out for Blood by Kristin Painter (Book 4 in the series, Vampire/Paranormal/Romance). I’m sure there are several others but these pop to the top of my head right now.


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