The Journey, Larry The Cat, And American Idol… by Susan Lute

TargetWhen I was a young writer – not young and a writer, just early on in my writing career – I had a target. That bulls-eye was publication. Nowadays that bulls-eye is – at the risk of repeating myself – to write the best story I can. It’s interesting, because I’ve come full circle. I wrote my first published novel back in the day, on the bus going to and from the day job in Portland. Now I’m back with the same company, but instead of writing on the bus, I’ll be writing for an hour before switching chairs to the day job computer. And I’m back to just writing. Life is an interesting, twisted journey.

Let me tell you about Larry, the cat. Larry was born in a litter of three. He had two brothers. Mamma was one of those super hunting cats, but one day she didn’t come home. After coaxing the barely weaned kittens out of the woodpile, we named them Mo, Larry, and Curly. Mo didn’t survive childhood, and though Curly was bigger, Larry was more aggressive and it wasn’t long IMG_3195 Larry forestinto teenagehood that Larry encouraged Curly to go find his own home. Many years later, it turns out Larry is as good a hunter as his mother. Maybe better. Here’s what’s fun about Larry. He’s kind of half indoor cat and half outdoor. In the winter he sticks pretty close to home. Starting in the spring, every year he packs his satchel and takes off. Usually he comes back from his journeys, but occasionally he stays away long enough we begin to think Larry, the cat has gone to cat heaven…or maybe found another home.

See, the thing about Larry is in the beginning he didn’t particularly like humans, except the hubby and daughter who coaxed him and his brothers into the house. Despite that Larry has grown to be a loving cat. He keeps his claws sheathed unless startled. He’s independent. Goes his own way. Always comes home. And is very good at being a cat. Sometimes he makes his way into a story about humans. I’ve learned a lot from Larry about navigating the world. Humans often think too much. A cat, not so much. Each step is measured. Enjoyed. A scratch behind the ear and along the cheek bone turns on the purr motor. A cat lives each day in an unhurried way until there are no more days.New-American-Idol-group-shot--1028801208842012887

Which brings me to the final paragraphs of this post. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of American idol. This year I was a little worried because I wasn’t sure about the judges and how they would shape the show. So I thought I wouldn’t watch, but I did and I fell in head over heels in love. These judges are passionate. They’re honest. Kind. And I love watching their faces as they listen to each contestant. Each one brings an element to the judges panel that is unique and blended together makes the show more interesting than ever. Their egos are there, but their humanity is there too. The thing I LOVE about American Idol is the raw talent gearing up to strut it’s stuff. American Idol makes me want to be a better writer; to tell the best story I can.  (Photo Credit: George Holz /FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.)

And speaking of good stories. I’m reading Edge Of Oblivion by J.T. Geissinger. O. M. G! Fabulous story! Can’t put it down.

Enough of my blathering. How about you? Which book can’t you put down? And what in your life inspires you to chase your passion?


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  1. I just read Emma Holly’s latest release Winter’s Tale (as in released today) and it got me ready to do some work!j

    And everyday, I have to relearn that exercise keeps my writing passion strong. *sigh*


  2. Great story about Larry the cat. I’m an all indoor cat person myself. I can’t stand the thought of the cat just disappearing one day and me not knowing how or what happened. Your ability to let Larry be the cat he wants to be is laudable and probably also a testament to the amazing mother you are to your children.

    I hear you about coming full circle in your writing and writing first for you and second for the reader. I think it is a journey every writer needs to make and do in his/her own way. The days of choosing a single genre and a single publisher who nurtures your career are gone–if they ever actually existed. The journey is complex and tests each writer differently, but it does ask what do you REALLY want out of the experience and how will you keep writing in the face of challenges?

    I appreciate this blog and each of the Jane’s who share the journey here. Thank you.


  3. Although I’m not as huge a fan as you are of A.I., I caught the beginning of this year’s show, and had the same reaction you did. It seems like a good mix of judges. Oh, and I’ve had the pleasure of (briefly) petting Larry the cat … he definitely prefers your hubby :-). I think it’s the bristly beard he likes to rub against, and sadly, I do not have one.


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