Guest Author Interview: Ute Carbone by Cassiel Knight

I’m still playing catch up so I’m giving up (and happy to do so) my regular blog post. Today, we are visiting with Ute Carbone. I hope you are having as much fun with these publication journeys as I am.

Ute4Tell us about your publishing journey.

It began long, long ago in a place far, far away. No wait, that’s something else entirely. Although the long ago is in part true. I started writing poetry and getting it published back in the pre e-book era. After I switched to prose, I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. I sent queries to big market agents, enthusiastically at first and then more sparingly. I got a lot of ‘gee I really like your writing, but the market is awful and I don’t love it enough’ responses. I did, eventually, get an agent for one of my books. None of the big houses took it, all responding with ‘gee the work is good but the market…” It was a very depressing time for me. After a whole lot of soul searching, I decided to try some of the smaller publishers. My first book came out with Etopia Press inP-Town Queen_500x750 1 2011. Since then, I’ve done tw0000o books with Champagne and have a third book and a novella due out next summer. I’ve also got a book and some shorter work under contract with TMP.  I’m a pretty happy writer these days!

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you along your road to publication and what was the most exciting?

Most exciting was when I got my first contract. Getting a yes from a publisher is always a happy dance moment. I live for those moments, LOL.

I’ve met so many great people virtually and in person on my writing journey, which has caused a lot of shivery whiz-bang moments. My editor for Champagne, it turns out, lives ten miles away in NH, though the company is way up in Calgary. Another editor lives nearby and a friend e-mailed me to tell me she’d met her at a book fair. Very small world, isn’t it?

In a bittersweet sort of moment, I got my first manuscript rejection from a very kind agent in New York years ago. The letter basically said “It’s me, not you” and I had the feeling the poor guy was breaking up with me.


What has been the most challenging thing related to publishing you’ve had to deal with on your journey?

Rejection is the hardest thing. You work so hard to bring a book to life and when it gets turned down, you wonder if it’s worth all the hard work. It takes a lot of perseverance, early on, not to give up. My Finnish friend used to tell me I needed ‘sisu”. Sisu is a Finnish word that means “being stubborn to the point of stupidity and being proud of it.  I’ve learned to cultivate a whole lotta sisu over the years. 

Who is your favorite author, and what are you currently reading?

 I read all kinds of books, though my favorites are women’s fiction. I adore Geraldine Brooks, and also love Elizabeth Berg and Anita Shreve. That’s just the start of the list.

afterglow ecoverCurrently, I’m reading Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, one of the few Austen books I’ve never read.

If your novel, Afterglow, was made into a movie, who would play the roles of your hero and heroine?

I have no idea!! Afterglow needs an older heroine. Someone like Meg Ryan perhaps? And the hero? Hmm, tall rusty haired guy. Can’t think of anyone off hand. I love Colin Firth, but he doesn’t quite look the part… I guess I’ll have to leave it to central casting to decide!

You can find Ute at:
Web page:

Telling Stories (available daily via Paper Li):


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  1. Thanks for having me as a guest, Cassie.


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