Guest Author Interview: Rita Bay by Cassiel Knight

This interview should have posted yesterday but for some reason it didn’t. Let’s start out your Wednesday with an interview then I’ll come back later and share some other things. Enjoy!

Rita Bay is a Registered Nurse, educator, and school administrator who resides with her family on the Gulf Coast. She writes paranormal and historical romance. Her upcoming book, The Aegis, is a Light Warrior versus vampire paranormal which is scheduled for release in April by Champagne Book Group.

Tell us about your publishing journey.

Like so many authors, I was a reader first. It wasn’t a long leap from grant writing and program development at my daytime job to writing my stories. At some point while writing my first book, I realized that there was more to writing than completing the story. I joined the Gulf Coast Chapter of RWA and learned about publishing.

Next, I joined a critique group who encouraged me to submit my stories filed neatly away in folders to publishers. The results were the most exciting thing that happened on my road to publication. See below.

What’s the funniest thing to happen to you along your road to publication and what was the most exciting?

The most exciting:

I’ll do exciting first to continue my story from above. I sent one of my paranormal shapeshifter stories (Into the Lyons’ Den) to Champagne Book Group and a Georgian historical (His Obsession) to Siren BookStrand. Both publishers offered contracts within three weeks. Talk about exciting!

The funniest:

Readers cannot appreciate the deflation an author can suffer going through those first edits, despite two outstanding editors. I can now laugh at my chagrin when I discovered I’d misused “discrete” and “discreet,” confused “fiancée” and “fiancé,” and liberally misused and/or omitted commas. The shame of it all!

What has been the most challenging thing related to publishing you’ve had to deal with on your journey?

In a word—BALANCE. Writing the story, finding a publisher, editing the manuscript, and then promoting the book, take a lot of time. I’m working on edits for three new books coming out from Champagne (The Aegis—a vampire/Light Warriors paranormal, Her Teddy Bare, my first erotic fantasy romance, and Finding Eve, the second book in the Lyon’s Tale shapeshifter trilogy.) I won’t give up my blog which celebrates Western history and culture ( There’s also the “givebacks” of judging contests, participating in my publishers’ projects, and supporting my RWA chapters and other authors. Finally, there’s all those outlines saved to disk and sitting in a folder marked “To Do” demanding to be written.

Who is your favorite author, and what are you currently reading?

Since I write both historical and paranormal, I can’t name one. All of my favorite authors have in common the gift of creating amazing stories. Johanna Lindsey over the years has been my favorite historical author. For paranormal, it’s hard to beat Sherrilyn Kenyon. Then there’s scifi/fantasy author Anne McCaffrey with her stunning worlds populated with memorable characters.

I’m reading new author Audra Middleton’s Watcher, a fantasy from Burst Books, Champagne’s scifi imprint.

If your novel Into the Lyon’s Den was made into a movie, who would play the roles of your hero and heroine?

“Marie Maxwell” is young, tall, blonde, and athletic. Keira Knightly might be a good casting choice. “Anthony Lyons” is golden, gorgeous, and sophisticated—absolutely unable to deal with his lifemate Marie who is a reformed, street-smart delinquent-turned-event planner. Maybe Ryan Reynolds or Christian Bale. Any suggestions? There’s an eBook copy of Into the Lyons’ Den for one commenter who leaves a suggestion for casting Anthony with a short “why.”

To help with your decision, check out the cover and blurb for Into the Lyons Den.                         

IntoThe LyonsDen-EBOOK200x300JBLURB:
Wealthy recluse Anthony Lyons offers a mint to lure Marie Maxwell, Atlanta’s most sought-after event planner, to coordinate a wedding and reception for a “very special couple” on his isolated estate in the mountains of North Carolina.

Despite her sophisticated veneer, Marie’s a tough street-smart orphan without a past. Adopted by the owners of the elegant Hotel Maxwell, she’s been raised in the business. Known for her uncanny ability to “make things go right,” Marie accepts the challenge of planning a wedding for 200 guests in 10 days.

Marie soon discovers that an absent bride and groom is the least of her problems. Her arrogant and exasperating employer displays far too much interest in her and her personal life, especially her lost years. Confronted with a mysterious stalker, two thwarted murder attempts, and dark shadows from her shrouded past, she finds an ally in an amorous feline of some unknown species. But who’s got it in for her? And what’s with Anthony and all the cats?


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FB/Twitter:          ritabayauthor


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  1. I have read so many posts concerning the blogger lovers except this paragraph is genuinely a good article, keep
    it up.


  2. Congrats to Maggie Jamieson, the winner of Into the Lyons’ Den. Please contact me with an email address. Rita


  3. Thank you, Maggie. Like you, I was the one who always did the editing. What I enjoy most is writing dialogue which I never had an opportunity to do when writing grants or working on program development. Rita


  4. I’m always happy to see another academic taking the plunge into romance. I hear you on the first edits. In my academic life, I’d always been known as “the writer” and or the “editor” for articles, grant proposals, textbooks, etc. It was a very difficult transition to change from the passive voice, nothing-is-ever-your-own-thoughts type of writing prevalent in academia to the active voice of fiction. Of course, now that I write fiction I doubt I could ever go back to that academic writing style again. 🙂

    I wish you the very best in sales and success in all of your new books.


  5. Thank you, Viola. I’m constantly pulled between the fun of creating fantasy worlds and writing stories set in the past. Thank you Cassie and all the Janes for inviting me to visit.


  6. Loved it! Into the Lyon’s Den sounds intriguing and fun. ~ Viola


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