New Year’s Resolution – Making Time by Cassiel Knight

Early in January, I wrote this for a friend’s blog for our Resolve 2013! blog tour where we helped each other on topics of our choosing. I don’t know if you followed the tour in its entirety. I hope you did but if you did, I apologize for the repetition but even though this is tailored to authors, I feel this is a great subject for everyone. We are always looking for time to do…something.

timetowriteIt seems one of the most common resolutions for New Year’s always involves some form of time management or organization. For authors, making the time to write is probably number one. Then there is time to promo and engage our readers. All of that is important but how do we do that? We gotta write to have material out there but we gotta do the other stuff too. It’s a thin edged sword with a wickedly sharp edge we get to dance upon.

Well, I wish I was more successful at it but the one thing I’ve found that helps, when I actually apply the principles, is project management. Yep, a business method can help you manage your time in yourself, your writing and your career.

You might be asking, how can project management principles help? In many ways. Managing your life, time and energies via project management can:

  • Provide structure – A road map
  • Help with goal setting – building your road map
  • Help you plan – how you get from A to B
  • Assist with plotting – the details of getting from A to B
  • Manage implementation – making it all happen
  • Keep the momentum – keeping things going

Does the idea of such a thing cause you to break into hives? Heck, it still does that to me and I’ve been working in project management for five years now.

But the principle and concepts of project management can help you get more organized, quit fumbling around and find the time to engage in things you like to do. It’s like taking all the things you want to do and breaks them down into smaller, more manageable pieces.quote

While this is geared more to creating a writing profession, starting April 15 at Savvy Authors, I’m teaching a class on this very subject. You can find more information here:

And for the authors, I want to leave you with this lovely quote I found out and about. I think it’s perfect for us:

I’d love to hear how you all find the time to do the things you love to do whether it’s writing, reader, gardening, etc. or all of the above.


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  1. I love the quote and your blog. Getting back to being as organized as I used to be is also a resolution for me this year, so your blog really resonated. Thanks Cassie!


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