Publishing…The Times, They Are A Changing… by Susan Lute

Steam punk girl with Typewriter.Today I went shopping. Okay it was therapeutic shopping, but hey. When I was done, a lovely young lady wearing the store’s name tag asked me if I was ready to check out. I most certainly was, I said with a smile, looking around for a check-out counter. Her response was to whip out a little black box, swipe my card and send the receipt to my email. Holy Moly! Times are changing.

Like Nancy I went to Donald Maass’ workshop, and while I haven’t written 4,000 words, I have revisited the first few pages of Bear’s Full House. Thanks to Donald’s insistence we apply his exercises to our current protagonist, I believe I have found Bear’s real story. And I think my writing has been forever changed. Good news for an author who was beginning to wonder if she’d lost her touch.

My mother just finished The London Affair and said she thinks it’s my best work, better than most other books she’s read. Yes,155566247 London 2 she’s my mother, but she’s one of those who tells it like it is. She doesn’t sugarcoat her comments (which are aimed at making her children better people) though she does have a sweet heart. I’m not sharing this for the pat on the back, but to show that kudos come from many directions and it’s important to take them in when they come, no matter the source. I ran into a very special friend of mine during my therapeutic shopping and she reminded me that five years ago we had a totally different vision of our future as writers. With all the changes that have come along, the reality is something quite different. As I sit writing this, I realize we’ve made it. The writing life is ever about change, whether you write traditional, e-pub, indie, or are a hybrid author. Decisions have to be made, new paths taken. This has not changed. For the first time in a long time, I understand that.

As for my program and process dilemma, I’ve found a solution. It turns out I won’t be using Scrivener. I like the program. I can see how it would work extremely well for lots of writers. I discovered in my search for the perfect writing tool that I like them simple. I’ve learned more about Open Office in this discovery phase and it turns out it really suites my needs. For conversion to .epub and .mobi I decided to go with Jutoh. Thank you Jessa Slade and Delilah Marvelle for the recommendation. It is straight forward and easy to use once you’ve tried it a time or two. And it interacts with Amazon, so far, perfectly. Jutoh also produces a Smashwords doc, which I’ll test out when I get that far.

So the journey is rolling along. After I reformat the last two novels, there will be more ahead…surprise, surprise. Loading the novels to Kobo, print publishing with CreateSpace. Trying a new venture. Writing. The. Next. Book. When all is said and done, it’s an exciting journey. Won’t you stay with me? Who has given you the best complement about your work?


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  1. Wonderful when Mom recognizes good work–and isn’t sugar coating it. I agree you have to take kudos from whatever quarter they come. I’ll bet a lot of readers like your work too. I know I sure do!

    My best compliment came from my husband. When he tells me he actually thinks a book is good, it’s not out of his love for me. It’s because he really believes it.

    My husband is a professional editor and writer for non-fiction. He never pulls his punches about my writing on a prose level. In fact it’s taken me nearly a decade to figure out how to have him read my stuff and not hate him afterward. 🙂

    On top of that, he really doesn’t like or read romance. He doesn’t get the whole relationship building thing in the books. He gets it in real life but not in novels. So, though he has found elements of plot or characterization he’s liked in each book I’ve published, he really didn’t like the books as a whole. Healing Notes was the first one where he actually liked the whole story (well except for the sex parts). 🙂

    He seems to like my YA Fantasy too. I can only figure I’m getting better. Thank God! Because getting worse would be a real bummer and I’d probably have to kill him for saying so. 🙂


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