Virgins, What’s In A Name, And Pinterest …by Susan Lute

Steam punk girl with Typewriter.It’s very cool following Nancy’s posts, because it gives me a chance for rebuttal, to comment, and just have fun. First off, I wasn’t a virgin in college. I got married at seventeen and went to college at twenty-eight. I wasn’t a good dater, serial or otherwise. Too shy. And in any case, how many dates can you have at sixteen, or fifteen, when I first met the Mr. Yes, we’re still married. So to equate that to writing, har har Nancy, on the other side of the rocky road of marriage, happy-ever-afters make sense to me – it’s the journey home.

I have the unique opportunity of working at home. As a consequence I have two desks, three screens (two for the day job, one for the writing desk), and two cushy chairs. Earlier today the five year old was pulled up next to me at my writing desk, carefully writing her name on a slip of paper…Jane Faith Doe (not real of course, except for her middle name – this is the internet, after all). She was asking me to check her spelling, and then started playing with the sequence, ending with…Jane Doe Faith…and giggling. Faith is such a fabulous name.

Writers have the really fun job of naming characters, and not just one, but a whole book full. Faith could be a sunny blonde or a witchy red-head. Jane, a shy librarian, or a Marine Gunny. And then there’s Beyla, an elf, minor goddess or Shadow thief. Sometimes characters start out with one name and end up with another. Charlotte becomes Charlie, or Samantha, Liberty. A name should always say something about the character, give us a sense of the person behind the moniker.

Moving on…I discovered Pinterest last week. I’ve heard of Pinterest from it’s very first inception, but thought…not another social site, just can’t do it! Finally I got dragged there kicking and screaming by the daughter and discovered I like “pinning” for fun. I love to travel and it turns out my “Places I’d Like To Go” board is full of colorful pictures of Italy. Pinterest is an amazing repository of photographs and ideas. It’s plain fun. Now if I could just work the app on my cell phone.

And finally my report: Bear’s Full House 18,441 words.


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  1. Welcome to Pinterest! I’ve been on it for a year and it’s great fun! It’s also good for research, promo, and self improvement. By the way, your home office sounds fascinating! With two desks and three screens, you are high tech!


  2. It is fun to name characters! And I am on pinterest but find it to be another time suck even though it is fun. Congratulations on being married so long! My brother and his wife met in Junior High and married out of high school and are still together.


    • We give each other a lot of space, and he never tells me I can’t do something that’s important to me…or not so important for that matter. He’s always super supportive {{{sigh}}}. Very sexy 🙂


  3. Congrats on crossing over 18K words. I’ve been wondering about Pinterest myself, but have so far declined to participate. Though I do occasionally see other people’s pins when the post to Google+ or FB or Twitter.

    Wow! Married so young and still married. You are certainly an outlier statistically. But then, you are a generally amazing person so I’m not surprised.


    • Sometimes I’m not sure how that happened. One day I was this young kid wanting to be with this guy and the next we were celebrating our 40th 🙂


  4. You notice she did not rebut her statement – How does this blog pertain to writing? And what does that tell you? She’s a whip cracker – this one.


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