He Ran Into My Knife – Ten Times… by Nancy Brophy

Here’s the question I read on Facebook this week that I thought would have some interesting answers. I had no idea.

If I were arrested what would you think I did?

The best answer was this one:

Linda Paul wrote: If you were arrested, I am certain it would be because you simply could not contain yourself when faced with the stupidity, obtuseness and rudeness of a customer service person. Your frustration grew until you finally couldn’t take it anymore and began to loudly demand to speak to a person who isn’t stupid. But instead of helping you, the unhappy customer, — they called their security guys. They were tall, blond, Nordic in appearance…. their tight uniforms showed off their six-pack abs and their broad shoulders. The fine golden hairs on their strong arms tickled you as they picked you up and carried you off for questioning. And maybe discipline…..

Is this woman a romance author or what?

I ate dinner with friends (all authors) last night and we tried to determine what each of us would have done.  I tried for embezzling and murder but no one bought it. Apparently lots of people think Linda is on the right track with my intolerance with stupidity. (And my fondness for tall, muscular types to hold me captive – I mean – arrest me).

Here were the crimes my friends felt they might be arrested for: defending one’s family, dancing naked in a public European fountain, murdering one’s mother, and road rage.

But we were reminded that Gina Fluharty had recently declared she had figured out the perfect murder – Injecting insulin into her victim which she said would be untraceable. I care about murder, so I asked how would she know what quantity was needed? Her answer was internet research at the library. Sounds good? Right?

However based upon her statements Jessie Smith did research and found there is a test that can determine if insulin or blood sugar spikes is the cause of death.

Technology is making crime more complicated and becoming ‘a person of interest’ easier.

Which led me to wonder, did the two Russians who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon think they wouldn’t be caught? Or did they think their success would make them heroes? Or did life have so little meaning that dying for a cause didn’t bother them? Although I’m aware nothing so far has indicated they truly had a cause.

In truth, I have to confess I was relieved that the bombers were not American grown who felt school shootings had become passe and needed to branch out. I prefer having my enemies exist outside my borders. Like the Irish curse I want to be able to identify them.

May those who love us love us.
And those that don’t love us,
May God turn their hearts.
And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
May he turn their ankles,
So we’ll know them by their limping.

This week will start the beginning of the politicizing of the bombing. And we will hear politicians make cringe-worthy statements and people will post inappropriate items on Facebook. And none of that will help the wounded or the dead. It won’t make them whole or give their families peace.

Although we as Americans will sleep better at night knowing the guys responsible were caught, but that will only be true until the next Newtown, Aurora, or Boston.

We are a broken society. But the solution to our problems is unclear. How do you fix crazy?


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  1. Nancy, you are such a kick!
    So much easier to murder people in historical novels. I’ve used arsenic, nightshade, and yew berries. Gee now I sound like a social path.


  2. You made me laugh this morning and then agree totally with your assessment of recent events. Enjoyed reading this and hearing your voice…


  3. LOL on your arresting. As for sleeping better at night knowing the guys are caught, I’m not so sure. To me, what this points out is the same thing that Newtown, Aurora, and any other seemingly random violence points out–that there is no answer. At least not an easy one.

    I believe we know how to “fix” crazy. At least how to identify it and provide some treatment. Unfortunately, as a society we are not willing to fund the resources needed to do so. Instead, we would rather ignore it. Cross the street. Don’t look at the person. Don’t get involved and maybe it will go away. That’s the rub. In the plethora of social ills that need funding, where to be put our money? Health Care? Counseling? Education? After School Programs? More Police? More Jails?

    I don’t have the answer except that each person can do his/her part to be kind to everyone they encounter in their daily life. If I can only say Hi, give a smile, open a door, provide that extra quarter or dollar to the person in front of me at the checkout line when she comes up short, help a neighbor by watching her house when they are away, give money when I can, educate wherever I can, volunteer whenever I can, then I am a small part of the answer.

    Better to make a small difference every day than to be paralyzed by trying to solve the large problem and do nothing.


  4. Very glad that the suspect has been caught alive and there is a chance to learn “why”, not that any answer will make sense.

    I was at the dinner last night and I’m sure the tables around us strained to hear more of our conversations, “Seriously, you don’t think I would be arrested for murder?”

    FYI: For those romantic suspense writers out there, if you think insulin is the perfect murder weapon, something called a “c-peptide test” will prove guilt.


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