A New Paradigm… by Nancy Brophy

I am always fascinated by the dichotomy of my local RWA chapter members. One would imagine that published or not, a writer’s main focus would be writing. For some that is true. But everyone comes with their own agenda and writing is not necessarily number one. This is a mixed blessing.

RWA runs on volunteers who help at the expense of their writing time. Sometimes that is purposeful. But many – like me – simply raised a hand at the wrong moment. And while my mouth is saying, “Yes, I’d be happy to.” My brain is screaming, “Are you an idiot? You don’t have any free time?”

Lots of RWA members talk about writing more than they actually sit in a chair and put words on paper. I used to be disdainful. I was wrong. My tunnel vision didn’t let me see opportunities that others saw. Our chapter now includes agents, editors, graphic artists who do cover designs, copy editors, many of whom started out as writers. Many of whom still find time to write.

I love the line in RWA’s membership requirements that says (I’m paraphrasing) you must be purpose driven to write romance. Yeah, right. Without the people who operate on the fringes it wouldn’t be the well-rounded organization it has become. Let’s face it even the girls scouts do more than sell cookies.

Which brings me to the real purpose of this week’s blog – my friend, Lynn Jordan. Lynn writes, but that’s not her main focus.


Lynn is social media savvy and has a website called Authors Tool Blog where she teaches courses and offers materials on increasing your Internet market share. It is simple and easy to use which is important info to the techno challenged among us. Like me.

But recently she’s started a new site called I Love Romance Books.  If you follow this on Facebook, every day Lynn posts several romance books that are either free or on sale. As a result I have read a lot of Indie published authors that I might not have noticed.

As won’t surprise you, she includes the good, bad and occasionally the ugly. She includes comments on what reviewers have said and posts a large enough variety that I can skip those genres I don’t particularly enjoy. I know this is bad to admit, but I’m really tired of vampires. (Sorry to all my friends who write paranormal).

I now have enough books on Kindle that I’ve started sorting them the same way I did with paperbacks. There is a keeper shelf. A DNF (did not finish) shelf and a good – would read more of that author shelf. But the unexpected benefit is that it makes me aware of author’s names which is one of the chief ways people actually choose who they read.

I think Lynn’s idea is brilliant. She, more than almost anyone I know, is promoting romance writers and I suspect is not making any money from her endeavor which would have many of us say why  bother? It is people like Lynn who are figuring out how to maneuver in the new era of publishing.

You go, girl.


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  1. I’ve been over to Lynn’s sites. She’s graciously offered to interview me when Highlander’s Hope releases and invited me to post it on her site too.

    She’s a gem!


  2. I agree, Lynn has always been generous with her knowledge and help. She should be put on every author’s “keeper shelf”. Great post about a wonderful person!


  3. Lyn is now, and has always been, a treasure to this chapter. She is a huge supporter.

    Like you, Nancy, I have often wondered why people belong to RWA (it’s not cheap) and to a chapter when they either don’t write or never share their writing in any way (with critique groups or send out). However, as things have happened in my life–too much work, too little work, too much taking care of elderly parents and other relatives, too much helping DH to be successful–I realized that I too have made choices along the way that didn’t include as much writing as I wished.

    I think all those who belong to RWA have a dream of being published in some way. All those have a vision of one or more books in their mind. Each person makes choices depending on where they are in life, how much fear or security they feel, and their tolerance for failure. I may not understand everything that holds people back. But I will never stomp on their dream. As long as one is alive and still working toward publication, I figure the dream is still alive. So, if it happens at 80 instead of 40 that’s okay.

    Dream on!


  4. I’m going to check out Lynn’s sites. Thanks for posting this.


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