Tomb Raiding ain’t for Sissies by Mia Langdon

My name is Mia Langdon and I’m a tomb raider.

That sounds like I’m in a 10 step program for recovering tomb raiders, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s as far from my reality as it can be. Of course, I like to think of myself as a protector of ancient history because not only do I liberate relics from the dirt, sand and rocks but also from the hands of greedy bastards who only care about possession, not appreciation or protection. If it wasn’t for me or those like me, these priceless pieces of mankind’s past would be destroyed and lost forever, sold on the black market never to be appreciated again, or even worse than destroyed, stuck in some moldy old basement of a museum without the resources to display them. Now, that is truly sad. No disrespect intended toward museums or their curators but the reality is most museums just can’t display all they have.artifact2

So, I take our precious history and find worthy homes for them. By worthy, I mean those who can afford them but who will also keep them safe and enjoy them. Sure, I’m paid well but that’s not why I do it. My previous business partner liked to tell me I was an adrenaline junky and I guess there’s some truth to that. The thrill of the hunt, the discovery, the moment I hold the artifact in my hand–yeah, it all adds up and is addicting.

I’m aware I walk a fine line. I like to consider it more gray than black and white. I’ve had countless arguments with ye olde stick up the behind, Harrison Braden Stanton, ex-lover and Egyptologist, about this and while I get his points: the relics belong to the people for all to see blah, blah, blah, like my father who instilled in me a love of history, sometimes we need to protect the relics from people who might do the most damage to them.

The thing is, and what my ex keeps forgetting, is that I’m rescuing the most priceless items before the looters and other unsavory folk find them. They don’t care about preserving the site; it’s about the money. Long before me, many of the amazing architecture of Egyptian tombs were destroyed by thieves in their quest for gold and other things to sell. Hell, Iraq, during the war with Saddam Hussein, was not spared and many of their treasures were looted and likely never to be seen again.

 That’s where I come in. Someone’s gotta do it and it might as well be me. At least, I will take care of the item’s recovery and locate final resting place that treats the artifact like the truly wonderful gift it is.

And if it isn’t, I’ll just liberate it again.


I hope you enjoyed this post by Mia Langdon, my heroine in Blood on the Moon, a story that pits her and Harrison against ruthless characters who are searching for an ancient weapon with a taste for human blood. I thought it might be fun to write something from her point of view on why she does what she does. Want to learn more about Mia and watch her save the world from bad guys while exploring Egyptian mythology and archeology? Well, Blood on the Moon might appeal to you.

Here’s the blurb:

Blood on the Moon_300dpiMia Langdon—tomb raider and adventure-seeker—has everything she wants. Freedom. Independence. No chains (a.k.a. a man). Her troubles begin when she’s attacked on a dig in Peru. Soon, she’s forced to use her tomb raiding talents to find the flaming arrows of an Egyptian goddess. In the wrong hands, this weapon could destroy the human race—and nearly had.

Used to doing things her own way, it isn’t long before she figures out that she needs the help of Harrison Braden Stanton, her stuffy, but so yummy, Egyptologist and ex-lover. There’s one problem. He despises what she does. As Mia and Harrison find themselves in the middle of a battle between the Egyptian gods and goddess, there’s no choice for the woman with a Grand Canyon-sized independence streak and the man working for the Egyptian god, Osiris, but to work together to prevent the destruction of all they love.

If you’d like to read more, check out this page. Champagne Book Group, is giving away nearly half the book in a free preview! How cool is that?

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  1. Cool. I read the first line and thought… how do I know that name 🙂


  2. I’ve always loved this cover. Mia’s post is definitely in her voice. I have to admit I haven’t read this one yet. Too many books and not enough time. I’ll try to get over to the preview. May you catch the zeitgiest and sales shoot through the roof.


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